10 Things Every Woman Should Stop Waiting Around For By The Time She Turns 30


1. Their relationship to be perfect.

The secret people don’t like to talk about is that everyone can feel like they are settling in their relationship. But it’s normal (and healthy). No relationship is perfect. No two people are the perfect compliment, reading each other’s minds and giving the other what they need without asking or butting heads occasionally. The more you grow up, the less you become insecure with your relationships because of external pressures. You know if you’re happy, and that’s all that matters.

2. The time when she finally achieves the “perfect” body.

The bodies we see on TV and in magazines are a lot more perfect than most of ours are, yet we read about those exact women being unhappy with their bodies. The reality is complete satisfaction isn’t going to come when we achieve our next fitness goal, it’s going to come when we decide to be happy with where we are at, right now.

3. A guy to be a mind-reader in the bedroom.

If you like it done a certain way, ask for it. Life is too short to wait around hoping he’ll magically realize what you like. Speak up.

4. Everyone to take you seriously as a professional female.

It sucks that sometimes people forget to invite you to a meeting because they take you less seriously as a woman. Getting secretly angry over it isn’t going to help anyone. Invite yourself. Pull up a chair. Use your reaction to fuel you to do something that benefits you.

5. The ability to be “do it all”.

One of the toughest things about being a woman is that people expect us to be everything — a nurturer, a sex kitten, a good professional, a good mother — and to do it all looking put-together and happy. If you want to be everything, go ahead. But if you just like doing the things you’re interested in, and doing them really well, feel free to do that too. Fuck other people’s expectations.

6. A never messy, Pinterest-approved home.

When your house is messy it’s because you have a life and people in it to help you make a mess. Be thankful for that.

7. The end of the fear of ending up alone.

If you are still single, ending up alone should not be a fear. First of all, it’s pretty unlikely. Second, you should like yourself enough to not consider your company a punishment.

8. A relationship with their parents that only exists in the movies.

Parents are humans too, they aren’t perfect.

9. Terrible love choices to work out.

Personally, I don’t understand why you’d ever date a terrible person no matter how good he looks. But if you do do this, it’s a great thing to let go of as you grow up.

10. A windfall of cash for her finances to make sense.

When you’re young and making your own money for the first time it seems harmless to spend everything you make. But you need to learn how to save and spend responsibly sooner rather than later, you can’t keep spending habits that completely disregard the future. It’s not fun to be broke and it’s not cute to be a hot mess in your 30’s.