10 Things ‘How To Get Away With Murder’ Fans NEED To Know After Season 4


1. When is the next season going to air?

First off, producers can’t just leave us with a final episode and not tell us when exactly the premiere of the next season will be. That is just plain brutal. It’s like waiting for a rain to drop in summer. We need something to look forward to — a date we can save on our calendars. Because that’s how attached we are on the show.

2. Wait, Bonnie has a son?

Toward the end, a new character named Gabriel Maddox was introduced, and Frank seemed like he kind of knew him as somebody else’s kid. Was it Bonnie’s son? Annalise? That we will hopefully know next season. Writers of the show just thought it was nice to put us in the dark with something to be excited about. And it worked.

3. Did Wes really die?

There was 99% chance that he really was dead already. But we still have 1% hope that there will be a twist in the story and that he will soon rise up, not from a grave but from wherever he’s hiding — if he is. We love Wes so much that we’re not yet fully prepared to let him vanish out of the show for good. But if this isn’t the case, we wish Queen Shonda Rhimes will guest him on season 5 for one last time.

4. Where did Laurel’s mom go?

Okay, that part about Laurel’s mom disappearing was honestly weird. I mean, maybe there was a strategic reason why the writers made the story that way, but still, it was uncomfortably sketchy. Laurel better be not involved in her mom’s disappearance because that will surely disappoint us about her character. She perfectly embodies someone who is struggling with mental health issues, so please do not make her a murderer.

5. Will there be a colorful gay wedding?

We understand that the show is mostly about people being stressed from time to time for doing horrendous acts. But maybe 30-minute cute scenes will not hurt much? We want to see people fall in love and dance and smile without worrying a single thing. Every character deserves to be genuinely happy for at least one episode. And then writers can just blow things up again after that.

6. Are Bonnie and Ronald Miller going to be a new thing?

Seeing them match in a dating app was just heartwarming. We really are willing to ship them to be a new couple. I have never seen Bonnie grin like that for four seasons. So it must mean something to her, no matter how cold-hearted she may seem. It’s time to give Bonnie a love story that is very real. Because at the end of the day, she is still a human being who needs a romantic kind of relationship.

7. What kind of drama will break the group again?

We’re sure someone is definitely going to be upset for some reason. Arguments seemed to be a regular thing for these college kids. And we get that. Screaming and fighting with your loved ones is part of growing up. They give spice to the relationships. But we’re wondering how the drama is going to paint out on the next season. We hope it’s something different; something that will blow our minds.

8. Will Michaela and Asher get back together?

Interracial couples look great both on TV and in real life. Asher has to learn how to forgive Michaela. I mean, it was just a one-time affair! People make mistakes, right? They need to grow up and find a way to get back together. We like watching them yell at each other but still patch things up in the end. We want that passive-aggressive type of relationship on screen. It’s exciting!

9. How true it is that Frank is smarter than we think he is?

On a scale of 1 to 10, how can the writers convince us that Frank has a potential to be an intelligent guy? We’re so used seeing him shirtless and kill people like it’s his full-time job that we never, once, thought he could be spending few years inside academia — let alone law school. If he was really in Middleton to learn new stuff, then good for him. But if he was only in school to snoop into someone’s business, no surprise there.

10. So who’s going to die next?

Someone has to die for sure. It’s no fun when HTGAWM team can’t make us shed a tear. Except for Annalise, everyone’s fate is basically in the hands of the producers and writers. At least one person will be losing his or her job once the season wraps up. That’s just how it goes. But we can’t wait to find out whose character is going to say goodbye in season 5. We just wish it’s not our favorite one.