10 Things I Found Out While Everyone Else Was Busy Getting Boyfriends


1. Being a third-wheel isn’t as awkward as it might seem.

One of my best friends is married and being their ‘third-wheel’ is always so much fun. It doesn’t feel like I am in their way at all and it’s a great opportunity to bond with both of them. It’s only awkward if you make it that way.

2. Being single is way less expensive.

I have saved so much money since being single, it’s almost laughable. I don’t have to buy second meals ever, or buy anyone else gifts on holidays. Being single allows me to save that money for future trips and special occasions.

3. Getting a boyfriend shouldn’t be a life ‘goal’.

I know some people who constantly talk about wanting a boyfriend and wanting to be in a relationship. While I can appreciate a great relationship, it should never be your number one goal in life. There is so much more to life than just a guy.

4. A career is so much more important than your relationship status.

Being single means having more time to focus on yourself. Almost half a year ago, I decided to quite my job from hell and start to write for a living. Not only did I become more relaxed and happy, I started liking myself more because I was finally listening to my gut and following my career goals (instead of listening to what society wanted me to do).

5. Being single is way less stressful.

Sometimes, relationships can get messy and fragile. When you are single, you get the opportunity to work on yourself and to appreciate who you are without another person. You also don’t have to worry about anyone but yourself, which is incredibly refreshing and freeing.

6. You aren’t going to lose your taken friends, as long as they are true friends. 

Almost all of my friends are in relationships. Did I lose any of them? No. As long as your friends are decent human beings and truly care about you, they will take the time to hang out with you no matter your relationship status.

7. Being in a relationship won’t magically make you happy.

I am happier being single than I was when I was in my last relationship. Your relationships status isn’t going to heal your wounds or make you giddy forever. Relationships take work and effort. You’ve got to be happy on your own first.

8. You shouldn’t waste time wanting someone who doesn’t want you back.

I learned to stop pining after guys that didn’t give a damn about me. It’s not worth the chase if you are the only one in the race. Stop wasting your time on people who don’t care about you.

9. Settling is never the right choice.

I’ve watched many people go in and out of relationships, searching for the next best thing. What they don’t realize is, they shouldn’t have to settle in their relationship. If you find yourself settling just to have a boyfriend, you need to start putting more effort onto yourself, not your relationship status.

10. There are so many more important relationships in your life, other than just a ‘significant other’. 

Lastly, I have learned that there are so many more relationships in my life that I could easily neglect if I were in a relationship. Everyone has their friends and family, and those relationships are equally as important. Give those other relationships in your life some love and you’ll see that void in your heart being filled up again.