10 Things I’ll Never Understand About High Maintenance Girls That I’m Still Trying To Figure Out


1. Their motto: “The world is your runway.”

You get stared at by people when you buy groceries, when you go to the laundromat and pretty much everywhere you go with them because they look like they are going to attend a fashion event. Leaving the house without looking flawless from head to toe is an unforgivable sin.

2. “Makeup is your bestfriend.”

Au naturel look is not going to work. They’d freak out if someone sees them without makeup on. They check their faces in the mirror every second they can.

3. Shopping makes their lives complete.

I wonder why they need so many, many clothes!!! Most of them are signature ones with an expensive price tag and haven’t been worn yet. And I should add that a small family of three can literally live in their huge closet.

4. They own a whole lot of shoes.

For the life of me, I cannot fathom why they need all three dozen of shoes to continue their existence on Earth. They wear a different pair for every outfit. It’s like if they’re seen in the same one, it’s the end of the world. And mind you, flats are a big no no. They won’t wear anything not 4 inches high or more.

5. Salons love them.

Their trips to the salon (which happens every time they feel like they need one) are for the purpose of getting the following done: hair, makeup and nails (oftentimes they would ask for a nail art) and massage too! They give treats and tips to the people who do these things for them.

6. They are perfectionists.

And a bit of control freaks. They wanted to make sure that they’re hair, make-up, long decorative nails, dress, skin and every part of their body look absolutely perfect. They have high expectations from themselves and other people. They are not easily impressed.

7. Accessories are a MUST.

Their cellphone covers (usually pink or purple) are lavish and decorative. They have a ridiculous number of expensive jewelry. They love a lot of pillows (with labels like “I’m the Queen” or something like “Keep calm and love the princess”) which they put in their car and/or their bed. They bring glittering purses wherever they go. And more often than not, they have a little dog they carry around in their Louis Vuitton bag.

8. They are “fashionably” late.

Which actually means it would take them 2 effing hours to get ready for a date, for a meeting, for everything else.

9. They only know fine-dining.

They are picky eaters and they watch their calories all the time. They’ll be cursed if seen ordering in a fast-food so you’ve got to bring them in fancy restaurants.

10. Packing light is not going to happen.

A weekend trip requires a full suit case with three tote bags. And yes, you’ve guessed right! You’ve got to carry it for them!

While I would never understand why some people can be high-maintenance, I still think all humans of all genders should be able to dress the way they want and feel good about themselves in what they wear and how they look. So to all high-maintenance human beings, all props in the world to you for bringing up your A game every single chance you get!