10 Things Indian Girls In North America Hate To Hear


As an Indian girl growing up in North America, I was often what people call “the token brown girl.” I was definitely in the minority in terms of where I went to school and what neighborhood I lived in, as my family’s culture was much different relative to our surroundings. I was also lucky enough to be surrounded by people that were both curious and genuinely interested in my culture, and more often than not, I noticed a trend in things I had heard growing up.

1. Are you going to get an arranged marriage?

Maybe?!??! I don’t know?! At this rate I hope so?!?! Don’t worry, you’ll be invited to my wedding, and you can wear a sari and take a shit-ton of Instagram pictures.

2. But where are you from from?

I’m Canadian. I was born in Canada. And I am Canadian. Culturally, I’m Indian. But I am from from Canada.

3. Do you speak Indian?

Nope. I speak Hindi. I am Indian, and Hindi is the language we speak.

4. How much do you love Russell Peters? Isn’t he hilarious?

Ehhhh, he’s aiiiiiiight. Don’t get me wrong, he definitely speaks some truth. But he’s not like, our god or something. I mean, is it necessary for an Indian guy to acknowledge his race to be successful and funny?

5. “Thank you, come again.”

Ah, Apu. The bane of my existence.

6. Do an Indian accent!

*Shivers* Please. Nooooooo.

7. ….Or the more popular, “how do you say this in Indian?”

Refer back to #3.

8. What does the dot on your forehead mean?

They’re called bindis, and they’re sort of all the rage at Coachella, so….

9. Do you know Mindy Kaling?

I wish, but unfortunately, I don’t.

10. Are your parents super-strict?

Sorta? Not really? I don’t have other parents to compare them to, but they’re doing a pretty decent job, right?