10 Things It’s Okay To Say No To


Most of us seem to have a really hard time just saying “no” to things, even the things we really, really, really don’t want to do. Whether it’s because we fear disappointing people or feel obligated to not turn down any invitation or opportunity, there are just some things we should be able to say “no” to without feeling bad.

It’s ok to say no to…

1. Buying a new iPhone/iPad/anything technologically new that you really don’t need, just because it’s new

Look, I love Apple and all their iDevices that make my life oh-so-much easier, but the price tag is a little too steep when the iPhone, iPad, iMac & Macbook Pro that I already have, work just fine. Just because everyone else has it and it does that one cool new thing that you really don’t need it to doesn’t mean you need it, too.

2. Dinner at a trendy restaurant where food and drinks could buy you a new pair of shoes if you’d rather just have take out on the couch

So Bey was spotted at the back corner booth and it will take you a month of Sundays to get a table. So what? Unless you absolutely want to try something special on the menu, you don’t need to check out every high-priced restaurant just because a certain celebrity frequents a table in the back that you’ll never see. Some celebrities frequent rehab centers. That doesn’t mean you need to, too.

3. Running your boss’ errands

Unless it’s an errand related to your place of employment or your job title includes the words “personal assistant,” it is very much not your problem to make sure your boss’ dry cleaning gets picked up/dog gets to the vet/lunch arrives at the exact moment he or she wants it.

4. Going out when you are exhausted/would rather hang out at home with Netflix and your cat/just don’t want to

Sure, it’s great to go out and have a good time with your gal pals, but sometimes it’s just been a long week and you’d rather curl up on your couch with Mr. Whiskers and binge on Gossip Girl. There’s no shame! Everyone needs some downtime and the bars will be open again next weekend and the weekend after and the weekend after.

5. That super nice guy who repeatedly asks you out, despite the fact that you’re “just not interested”

Being “nice” is not a reason to go out with someone. Everyone should be nice, and not just because they expect something in return. (Are you listening nice guys who always complain about finishing last? Give us something else to love!) It’s great to expand your horizons and date outside your type sometimes, but if you just don’t want to date someone, don’t. You are not three and he is not a pile of veggies you despise on sight. You don’t have to give everyone a chance just because they’re different from your norm.

6. Every annoying Facebook game/app/event invite

There isn’t even a need to justify this. These social invites for things you’ll never pay attention to or that really just need to stop.

7. Diets that consist of nothing but food you can’t stand

The key to losing weight and leading a healthy lifestyle is being able to do it by doing and eating things you already like. If you can’t stand a salad or yogurt makes you nauseous, there’s no way you’ll be able to stick to eating it and be happy. Unless you only like to eat pizza and only want to sit on the couch all day, you can probably find a diet you can stick to.

8. Your best friend, when she calls you for the third time in a week with yet another crisis or problem that she just has to have your advice on RIGHT THIS MOMENT

Everyone has a friend who is a little oblivious to the fact that you kind of have a life and that it may not be quite as carefree as it was when you were in high school. If you’ve made it clear that you can’t answer calls during the day/need some quiet time/have enough problems of your own sometimes/just don’t like to talk on the phone anyway or her name pops up on your screen more often than your your mother’s, boyfriend’s and boss’ names combined, then sometimes you just need to say no.

9. Another drink that you don’t want, but your friends insist you “have to have”

There’s really only one reason to have another drink and that is because you want one. Not because all of your friends are having one or because it’s already been bought and will just go to waste. Stick to your guns, because the only person that’s going to be there in the morning to take care of your hungover ass is you.

10. Anything and anyone that you just don’t like or makes you feel bad about being you

The fact that we feel the need to appease people who make us feel like crap or waste our time with things that don’t make us happy speaks to larger issues. Seriously, just stop. If it’s unnecessary and doesn’t make you happy, don’t give it a place in your life.