10 Things I’ve Learned About Life From Running


1. Sometimes your body will fail you.

No matter how well you take care of it, you are not infallible. Our bodies are feeble, constantly deteriorating vessels and there will be times when your body fails to do what you want it to. This doesn’t make you weak, it simply means you’re human. You must accept it, learn to listen to your body, and not push yourself beyond its limits.

2. Mind over matter truly is a thing.

Attitude and mentality are everything. If you go into anything with negativity, you won’t enjoy it. If you start analyzing and overthinking, you will hinder your ability to live a full life. Getting caught up in your head and allowing your brain to talk you out of anything daring, difficult, or scary will keep you from experiencing all of the beautiful things life has to offer.

3. Little kids are actually clueless as to what’s going on around them.

A rhino could be barreling towards them and they wouldn’t notice. I’m now terrified for when I’m a parent because children’s seeming oblivion means they could so easily wander into the street. While I have always thought that kid leashes are absurd, I now kind of get it…

4. You will have bad days, often for no reason.

We cannot be 100% all the time. There will be days when you are just off, as if not all your cylinders are firing. It is discouraging and can feel like you will never be yourself again but most times a good night’s sleep can recalibrate you.

5. Progress is not linear. 

You can take several steps forward only to fall back/down. This does not mean you are a failure (Re:#1).

6. Everything is interconnected.

All that you do and experience affects every aspect of your life. It is impossible to isolate feelings and emotions from bleeding cross activity.

7. Water is essential.

Carry a water bottle everywhere you go and drink all the time. You can’t drink too much water (I mean technically you can but that’s beside the point…) Water would be the lifeblood of your body if it wasn’t already blood. Water can only make you feel better; nothing bad can come of drinking more of it. There are so many benefits to drinking more water and literally zero side effects. It is without a doubt the easiest thing you can do to be healthier.

8. Passion is a connector. 

Shared interest creates community. The quickest and easiest way to meet people you really vibe with is by pursuing activities you have a passion for. It sometimes feels like finding a bit of your soul when you meet someone who shares your passion with the same fervor you do.

9. Serenity exists. Peace exists in repetition, in rhythm.  

It is possible to quiet the inner demons by finding some escape activity. Art, music, running, rowing, swimming, etc…It is refreshing and rejuvenating to let your body run on autopilot as you retreat into inner contentedness. 

10. Human will has the ability to accomplish inhuman feats. 

We are powerful beyond belief, capable of the extraordinary, not because of sheer strength or talent, but will. Mental toughness and desire can take you to incredible, unimaginable heights.

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