10 Things I’ve Learned From My 23 Years Of Existence


1. Don’t put Veet on your upper lip. It will turn black. But the fun part will be peeling off the burnt skin. 

2. Don’t even attempt to look cute while working out. Just don’t.

3. You know those girls in the workout videos with their hair open and shiny throughout the grueling 40 minutes? Yeah. Don’t try to be like them. 

4. Don’t be stupid enough to workout on an empty stomach. That light-headed feeling at the 15 minute mark? Yeah those aren’t endorphins.

5. If you have big boobs, DON’T wear push up bras. Because when you bend down to pick something up, there is a 100% chance that one boob will pop out.

6. Buy airline tickets as soon as the prices fall. Don’t ‘wait another week’. This is a bit like the SAT tip. If you get a good score the first time around, don’t take the test again. 

7. Don’t blame your parents/friends/siblings for things you don’t have. It’s not their job to make your life better. Don’t be a victim. Get off your ass and change the situation. 

8. Be nice to your parents even when they annoy you with their dwindling memory. You must have annoyed them at 7 years old too when you incessantly asked them when you’d start to fly during your first flight.

9. Don’t get tattoos at 19. No matter how cool you think those stars look on your finger at the time. They just look stupid at 23. 

10. Enjoy your money if you’re lucky enough to be earning well. Buy those overpriced pair of shoes. Go ahead and spend your entire salary on that leather jacket because in a few years, your money won’t all be yours. 

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