10 Things I’ve Learned From Living Alone


10. Always help out a friend if they’re moving out. – This is a great idea for all you “frugalistas” out there in today’s tough economy. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve helped people move out. I now don’t have to buy laundry detergent for a good four months and I am the proud owner of new candles and enough soup to last me through the winter.

9. Learn to live with bugs. – As gross as it sounds, every apartment in a bigger city has them at one time or another. Your landlord more than likely will never be able to fully get rid of them either. I’ve created a game for myself to see how many I can stomp on when I turn my kitchen light on at night, as most of the bugs that frequent my place are night lovers.

8. Never underestimate the power of dancing around your apartment naked. – I’ve loved the independence I’ve had dancing around my apartment naked, especially while getting ready to go out. Sometimes I like to pretend I’m the next Lady Gaga (kidding). Just make sure the blinds are closed!

7. Sometimes the craziest things can make a meal. – Let’s say you have a box of Wheat Thins, some leftover muenster cheese and a tomato. There you go, dinner. I’ve definitely eaten combinations like this before because honestly, it’s incredibly hard to cook for one person, and sometimes if you haven’t gone grocery shopping, things like this work.

6. Invest in a Nintendo Wii. – Sure, it’ll cost you, but that’s what a birthday or the holidays are for. It’s a great tool for those nights when you’re just not sure what to do with yourself, and the WiiFit is also a great game to help you get active.

5. Don’t be embarrassed about double-checking security. – Do you get up out of bed sometimes to make sure your door is dead bolted? Before you close your eyes to sleep, do you hang upside down to make sure no one is underneath your bed? Don’t worry about those secrets, because I do them too!

4. If you can, get a pet. – My apartment doesn’t allow pets, but boy do I wish I could sneak in a puppy every now and then. I’ll admit, living alone does have its lonely moments, so a kitten or puppy could really get you through the times when you’re missing friends or family.

3. Always have chips and salsa and some sort of beverage ready. – I love to entertain, and I can’t tell you how many times friends come over ravenous. I’m a regular old Julia Child, pulling out snacks and beverages from all corners of the kitchen. This is great for when boys come over too, it’s sure to impress them!

2. Learn to tidy up your apartment fast. – It is quite likely at one point you’ll be entertaining a family friend, or perhaps a significant other. As long as your toilet’s clean, surfaces are dusted and your carpet’s vacuumed, you give off the illusion of having a place that’s impeccably spotless. Just don’t tell anyone your favorite stuffed penguin was sitting on the couch and yesterday’s breakfast cereal was sitting on the coffee table not three hours earlier.

1. Have fun. – The most important thing to remember about living alone is to have fun. You’re only young and single once, so why not enjoy it? Decorate the way you want it to, enjoy your independence, and have friends over when you feel like it and kick them out when you’re ready for some solitude.