10 Things I’ve Learned From Mad Men


1. Be wary of drunk secretaries on lawn mowers.

2. You can be a man, get fired for being gay and your wife will still only JUST have become slightly suspicious.

3. 50’s lingerie never stopped looking good.

4. If there’s an annoying character you hate to watch, one of the main men will eventually marry her.

5. You can totally get pregnant and go into labour and not even know you’re pregnant. That’s what happens when you dress in the opposite way Joan Holloway tells you to. Also, sex.

6. Your husband will sleep with every woman he comes across but god forbid you even speak to another man. Instant villain. Plus you’ll get fat.

7. Plaid pants can actually look AMAZING. And now I want a pair.

8. You can admire, feel bad for and want to be just like Joan Holloway simultaneously.

9. It’s still weird to watch fake pregnant woman smoke fake cigarettes and drink fake liquor.

10. Old men will have heart attacks if you have sex with them.