10 Things No One Tells You About Becoming An Adult


1. Admitting when you’re wrong is essential to life (and maintaining your sanity.) You will make mistakes as you grow up. Accepting it just allows you to learn from them faster – as well as forgive yourself for them.

2. Your metabolism will go downhill. There’s nothing you can do about it besides eat healthier and workout. Of course, you could always accept your fate and continue enjoying life, because let’s be honest. You aren’t really going to refuse your best friend when it comes to some drinks and late night food.

3. Disappointments will hit you one after another. No, it’s not your fault. No, you can’t do anything about it. No, wallowing about it won’t change the circumstances – although a pint of ice cream might do wonders for your attitude.

4. Grocery shopping is confusing. So many choices! Eventually, you’ll learn what you like and stick with the staples, but for now – go ahead, shop to your heart’s desire. Even if that means you come home without anything you went there to buy.

5. Falling in love is also confusing. It’s supposed to be easy and natural, but sometimes you’ll question yourself and wonder if trusting another person with your heart is the right thing to do.

6. Fall out of love is not confusing. One day it’ll hit you that the soul-scorching spark that was there before is gone. It’ll be okay, you’ll move on, and find other things to occupy the time that was once reserved for your ex. You’ll even love again, imagine that.

7. You can’t do everything. Opportunities will come knocking left and right, and you’ll probably try to juggle more than you can handle, but eventually you’ll learn how to not over-commit yourself. Or you’ll just keep stretching yourself to the limits and learn how to become a commitment balancing act.

8. Ambition and intelligence alone aren’t going to get you the world. They might get you halfway if you’re lucky, but it’ll be self-discipline and a good work ethic that really takes you to the end.

9. Friendships require a lot more effort. You won’t be forced to see them in class or at school every single day. Instead you actually have to – God, forbid – communicate with them and schedules times to see each other and catch up.

10. No one actually has it all. Not the supermodel you see on magazines. Not the older, wiser friend that seems to be put together. No, not the chic multimillionaire, either. Everyone has their setbacks and disappointments, but they’ve persevered, and you too, shall make it in the great world of adulthood.