10 Things Older Millennial Women Want From Older Millennial Men


Older Millennials, such a strange breed. We still think it’s normal to call people and we prefer handwritten notes. We don’t think flowers on a first date are cheesy, nor do we feel our rights as women are being violated if a man opens a car door for us. We’re the ones who grew with technology. We evolve easily, but we hate the way things are becoming. It’s complicated to be us, it’s complicated to date us. Millennial men sometimes don’t know how to approach us, because they don’t want to be thrown into the creep pile, but the truth is that any woman between the ages of 26-34 just wants a love story they can one day tell their children about ( if they ever decide to have kids) and remember with a smile. The simplicity of this list will shock you, but if any one woman can say that I’m wrong and cannot find a single thing on this list that’s true, I’ll never write again. Ha! Not true, but please give it your best shot. Older millennial women just want to be loved simply, but seems like finding love these days isn’t so simple.

1. Pursue us

This doesn’t mean stalk our Instagrams or bombard us with text messages all day long. It means don’t let us go to bed without having heard from you at least once, even if it’s just to say, “Sleep tight. Can’t wait to see you again.” It’s not hard to make a woman feel pursued and like she’s being thought of.

2. Protect us

Help us out of the uber when we’re wearing heels. Walk on the outer part of the sidewalk, so that if a car comes it hits you first (heaven forbid). Give us your jacket if it’s cold, and never walk ahead of us. Put your arm around us if a weirdo is staring. Be our knight in shining armor in the littlest of ways. It’s not that hard.

3. Be vulnerable

Tell us about your fears. Make love to us with the lights on. Tell us that you’re afraid of losing us, because you are. We all are. We’re all afraid of embarking on a new relationship to lose just to lose the person because someone cooler, richer, more interesting came along.

4. Be real

Don’t hide your feelings. If you like us, tell us. If you’re honest about what you feel, we will be too.

5. Don’t play games

Don’t ignore our texts. Don’t talk to us one day and fall of the face of the earth the next. Don’t take hours upon hours to answer a text. No one is that busy and no one has time for games.

6. Put effort into how you look

Most of us aren’t looking for 6’3”, six-pack, blonde-haired, blue-eyed models. We are, however, into clean clothes, a spritz of cologne once in a while, and fresh breath.

7. Ask questions

Show us that you want to know our opinions and outlook on what’s going on in the world. Care about what we think. Respect our opinions if you disagree with them.

8. Relish in our success

Be proud of us when we do well. Cheer for us, support us, be our biggest fan. Tell the world that you have the best girl there ever was and boast on our accomplishments.

9. Be sweet

Do the pet names! Cuddle with us! Buy us flowers, darn it! You’re not above sweetness. No one is.

10. Get physical

Hold our hands. Guide us through a crowded room by putting your hand low on our back. Brush hair from our faces. Really look into our eyes before a kiss.