10 Things Only People Who Work From Home Will Understand


1. You’ve given up on pajamas and now dress like a respectable human being.

PJ’s were fun for the first six weeks…but then you realized you need to get dressed to be productive. You now put on clothes, wash your face and even moisturize! Make-up is kept to minimal, of course. But this is a big change from when you first started working from home and looked like a sloth.

2. Your coffee intake has officially doubled.

It starts with the coffee from your coffee machine, and then before you know it you’re making instant coffees simply from the kettle. Your coffees grow stronger with the passing weeks. And so do your panic attacks.

3. You either completely gorge yourself…or don’t even eat.

You either know exactly what is in the fridge and you’ve made several trips to it today (several meaning 20+) and you like to have snacks by your side at all times, or at least know where the snacks are so you can easily access them. Or you may be the reverse, and you may find yourself only doubling your coffee intake.

4. Your friends and family think you’re just on Facebook all day.

You’ve tried to convince them otherwise, but they are adamant that you don’t work. You sometimes question your ability to…but then you hear that budding sound of money coming through your Paypal and everything seems to be peachy. Until next month.

5. You have become oblivious of the time (except when you have calls).

Mornings are hazy…so are afternoons. But when that Gmail calendar notification goes off, you’re making sure your teeth are brushed and you’re looking top notch. You’ve kicked it into gear just in time.

6. Your closest friends are your FB friends.

Some of your best friends are the ones you met online. You’ve never really met them, but one day aim to take the trip across the world just to say ‘hi’. You’re good friends, you talk every other week.

7. You’ll begin having dance parties with yourself (or on periscope).

Music becomes a part of your day, you have playlists on Youtube, Spotify and iTunes. And you generally listen to the same playlist on repeat. Routines are safe. You like safe.

8. Your life and work will blend into one.

In fact, you probably can’t recognize the difference. You’re supposed to have a good work/ life balance…however you scratch your head and wonder what that foreign concept means. You may have originally decided to work from home to work less and have more freedom…but now you’re a full-blown workaholic. When did this happen?

9. Your favorite pastime is officially online shopping.

That outfit you saw on Instagram, the latest #1 book on Amazon, that magnetic course calling your name…you need it all. And you need it delivered.

10. You’re not sure what day it is, but then again, does it really matter?

Hello Wednesday…I think?