10 Things Only The Oldest Child Will Understand


1. You have to be a role model. From childhood to adulthood, you are obliged to do things that your younger siblings can look up to, from school achievements, to having the right attitude, and making great life decisions – you should show them how good life should be.

2. You will never be the number one favorite child. After the second sibling is born you will never be the cutest; your spotlight has been stolen.

3. You are in constant conflict with yourself. You are always throned with being the oldest sibling or the responsible one, they will love you for being cool and will hate you so much for being responsible.

4. Time will come, you will lose your “oldest advantages.” At first you will get to outsmart the younger ones, but when they get older or grow as big as you, you will never be able to do that.

5. You will constantly be a babysitter. Because you are the oldest and you have to be responsible, you always have to look after the younger ones especially when your parents are not around.

6. There will always be so much pressure from your parents and the other people around you. Being the oldest, you will be expected to be the first one to have a job, earn for a living, and be able to help your parents and siblings.

7. “Being misunderstood” will be your constant hashtag. Sometimes you will do things and you will think you’re doing what’s best for you. Sometimes you will come up with decisions you think are right, but they’re not, so you will try to explain everything. However, in the end they will have wrong impressions about it.

8. You will always have to prove yourself. All eyes are on you because you are the oldest, you are expected to be the first one to reach what your parents know is best for you, you will always be compared to your siblings, and be expected to take the lead.

9. All you will ever ask from your siblings is respect and understanding. Siblings fight, siblings share good and bad times. Adulthood can be one of the toughest times for everyone, you will all have your own understanding and interpretation of things. Being the eldest doesn’t mean you are perfect. Time will come and you will make bad decisions and be on your life’s greatest toll, younger ones sometimes tend to have negative reactions to things like that, they might look at you differently because of it. They might tell you hurtful words, and might do things that will leave your heart wounded, but they have to understand that people learn and that there will be better days.

10. Your happiest is when you and your siblings get along. You are the happiest when you get to hang out with your siblings, whether by simply talking about things you all like, eating your favorite food, talking about TV shows or boys. Who wouldn’t enjoy spending quality time with family?