10 Things People Say To Me That Brighten My Day


Out of the millions of characters we combine into sentences each day, these simple phrases never fail to make my day a little brighter.

1. “I love you.”

Having someone say “I love you” is usually a good thing. Having people still take the time to say it when you don’t see each other every day somehow makes it even more meaningful. The simple “I love you” text or an “I love you” thrown at the end of a long message always makes my heart happy.

2. “I miss you.”

The “I miss you” text is sometimes even better than the “I love you” text because it is not only an admission of how they feel about you, it is also a confession of how that love affects them. Seeing that short sentence on screen makes my soul dance inside my body.

3. “I was just thinking about you.”

Aren’t we all wondering if someone is thinking about us as much as we are thinking about him or her? The affirmation of that question makes my eyes twinkle.

4. “I’m so proud of you.”

I’m currently studying abroad. Sure, it is a lot of fun, but it is also a very rigorous workload. Balancing school and traveling is a challenge, and adding in the trials of homesickness and culture shock, the experience is not all amusement and recreation. Having someone recognize the difficulties makes my dimples deepen.

5. “You keep me sane.”

Even though I am physically distant, I try to still be there for my friends and family in any way I can. It is usually just a supportive text rather than the hug I want to give them, but hearing that my efforts are still helping makes my spirit bubble.

6. “When are you coming home?”

My mom asked me this after informing me that she wanted someone home to make her banana bread. Coming from a large family, there are six other people still at home she could have asked to bake for her, but the fact that I was still her choice with an ocean between us makes me smirk.

7. “You are going to be a great nurse. ”

Nursing school is extremely demanding, and it has not let up just because I decided to study abroad. My friends taking “easy” classes for their abroad experience make me question how much I actually want to go into this field. Having the support of my nearest and dearest helps to lighten the workload and makes me inspired.

8. “I can’t wait to do _________ this summer. ”

Being away for so many months, I worry that everyone back home is moving forward with their lives without me. Making plans for when I am home—tentative or concrete—reminds me I am not being left behind and makes my sun shine.

9. “Help!”

Again related to worrying about my inability to be a good friend from a distance, having someone outright ask for my help makes me smile.

10. “Update: ________.”

Whether it is my mom texting me about the weather changes, my dad sending me tonight’s dinner menu, my friends dishing the drama, or my siblings informing me on the craziness of home, I like being kept up to date on what I am missing so I am up to speed when I get home. Sharing the little things makes me beam.