10 Things That Happen When You Run Into The People From High School You Never Wanted To See Again


1. You debate whether or not to say hello.

You clearly know each other, and most likely hated one another at some point in time, so who is going to be the first one to say hello? Or will both of you prove that not much has changed since high school and be the immature, over dramatic children who refuse to acknowledge the other’s presence. Maybe the latter is easier, but then it will just continue to be awkward for the remainder of the night.

2. You have an extra drink…or two (or three).

You’re out at the weird local bar, basically the only bar that anyone from your hometown goes to, so in order to settle your nerves you order a couple of tequila shots. Then you order a beer, and then maybe another round of shots, and before you know it that girl that you used to hate has become your new best friend!

3. You pretend to like people who made your life a living hell just to be civil.

That girl who said you look like a dog who should wear a muzzle pretends those days never existed, and converses with you like you two were once friends. You reciprocate just to avoid conflict, or…

4. You become filled with sass and anger and attitude that you’re not afraid to express.

Either you make the girl you used to hate your new best friend, or you become even more sour towards her and muster up the courage to finally say what you’ve been dying to say for the past 5 years. “Remember when you hooked up with my ex? Yeah well, I got with yours the very next day so guess that cat’s out of the bag.”

5. You try to hide from all of your ex-boyfriends/ high school flings.

Whether it’s the kid who put you through hell with severe mind games, or the boy who your mom caught you topless in the jacuzzi with, when you see a guy from high school who you shared a few romantic moments with, you usually run the opposite direction, or hide in the bathroom all night.

6. You find yourself having the same conversations all night, but with different people.

“OMG! Hi! How are you?! What do you do now?! Where do you live? Are you still dating so and so?” Hi, I work here, I live here, and no I have not seen him in ages.

7. Moments from high school flood your memory.

In both good and bad ways. You drive past that spot where you made out with your boyfriend in the back of his car, you pass the Applebee’s where you and your friends used to go religiously for half priced appetizers, even that shady playground where you tried a cigarette for the first time and pretended to like it. Whether you reminisce or cringe with regret, every little thing you see reminds you of something from the past.

8. You realize how stupid and childish your worries were in high school.

HE DOESN’T LIKE ME BACK! MY LIFE IS OVER! SHE WORE THE SAME DRESS AS ME! MY LIFE IS OVER! HE DIDN’T ASK ME TO BE HIS GIRLFRIEND! MY LIFE IS OVER! I wish my biggest worry was a boy who didn’t like me back. Now I have to worry about making my monthly rent after I just spent it on a dress I’ll wear once.

9. You realize how stupid and childish people were in high school.

That boy you thought who broke your heart, that girl you thought who ruined your life and reputation, it all seems so small and insignificant now. If only you knew then what you knew now, you could’ve saved yourself quite the large sum of teenage angst and quite a few over reactions.

10. You secretly rejoice at your worst enemy’s shortcomings.

Whoever that one person is from high school that made your life less than enjoyable, most likely they haven’t grown out of their immature arrogance, and their life choices have most certainly proven it. Whether they are unemployed or bald and fat, you revel at their failure. It’s only fair after what they put your through.