10 Things That Happen When You’re A Workaholic


1. You drink an unhealthy amount of caffeinated beverages. When you begin working you start off slow, adding a cup or two of coffee/tea/etc. in the mornings. Then suddenly, two cups is the mandatory way to start your day. At least. After that, you begin to lose count (or choose not to count) the amount of caffeine you ingest daily. Like seriously, your body is more caffeine than anything else at this point.

2. You make lists. All the time. I mean an insane amount of lists. You start finding notebook paper in places you might not necessarily expect, like your purse or lunchbox. You list and list until you are up to your eyeballs in lists, and then? You list some more. It’s a sickness. Don’t judge me.

3. You have actually been told you are sort of a work-a-holic before by some sheepish co-worker or a friend who you haven’t seen in what feels like a month. But instead of feeling insulted (and you really feel like you should), you just feel complimented. Yea I’m a work-a-holic. You have to work hard now so you can play hard later.

4. Sick days are most likely never used. Seriously, unless you are on your deathbed, you won’t take off work. Maybe not even then.

5. On that note you probably haven’t been to either the dentist or the doctor (or both) in what feels like decades. In the beginning, it’s because their hours are not friendly for people who work nine-to-five, monday-friday jobs. After a while, it’s because you haven’t been in for so long you’re afraid to know what they have to say. You figure as long as you are not in any sort of excruciating pain, you’re probably fine. Right?

6. Overtime and all-nighters are a very real part of your life. You are totally okay with this too, because the work has to get done sometime and you are getting paid to do it. It won’t do itself.

7. While many people you know are beginning their lives, like moving in with their boyfriends, getting married, or having babies, you are… well, not doing any of those things. It actually doesn’t bother you either. You are just in a very different part of your life, and you are fine with that. Because you know that it’s okay to choose to focus on getting that big promotion instead of on getting the big rock from your boyfriend (or vice versa for others, you don’t judge). In your mind, boyfriends and babies (which are basically the same thing in your book) have no place in your life until you are making bank.

8. 70% of your time is spent working. 15% is spent commuting. 10% is spent talking about your work to your friends and family. 5% is for eating and sleeping.

9. Speaking of eating, it is not uncommon for you to work through lunch. Most of the time, it’s not even on purpose. You just get caught up in what you are doing and when you look up at the clock you realize it’s two in the afternoon and your stomach is NOT happy with you.

10. And sleeping? Forget about it. Sleeping is a thing of the past, because waking up at the asscrack of dawn is now a mandatory part of life. Thank goodness for all that caffeine you ingest, or you might fall asleep on your morning commute (which, coincidentally, you could probably do in your sleep anyway.)