10 Things That Happen When You’re An Aspiring Dog Mom


1. When you meet random dogs in passing or at a friend or family member’s house you secretly hope this dog thinks you’re really cool and slightly worry that it won’t.

2. And if a dog acts indifferent towards you your feelings actually get a little hurt. What does this MEAN? What does this SAY about me as an aspiring dog mom??? Does this mean I’m not fit to be a dog mom??? *cries*

3. It is basically impossible for you to not want to hug and squeeze every adorable dog you see in public. So much floofy hair! So much puff! That floppy tongue!

4. When a friend blows off plans or some dude doesn’t text you back you think man, if only I had a dog. MY DOG WOULD NEVER DO THIS TO ME. 

5. Some people start getting baby fever in their mid-20s but you’ve only experienced doggy fever. Pretty much every time you see a dog your eyes turn into heart eye emojis and you start thinking about your future and when it will become possible for you to actualize your dog mom dreams.

6. You start following cute dogs on Instagram. Pugs, German Shepherds, Golden Retrievers, whatever! Why look at Insta pics of your friend’s afternoon latte or their vacation in Maui when you could be looking at pics of dogs rolling around?

7. When you get really down about life you don’t turn to drinking or drugs. No, you turn to watching non-stop dog videos on YouTube. The best pick me up on any day is watching videos of Golden Retrievers be absolutely adorable on repeat.

8. Sometimes you browse the Pet Finder ads and let yourself dream for a little bit. First you just look at pics and think “look at all these cuties!!” but then you start reading their personal story and you start getting all teary eyed thinking about how all they want is a good home and YOU could be the one to give them that home. If only you had the time/money/etc right now. Sigh. Not right now but someday.

9. You think about all the ways having a dog could benefit your life. You’d have someone to go with you hiking, running, or help you finish whatever you can’t eat. Plus, think about all the hot babes you’ll meet while walking your fluff monster. Not only will your dog bring you joy and happiness and but they’ll probably introduce you to the love of your life.

10. You’ve heard your friends say they were born to be a mom but you don’t really get it. I mean, if anything, you were definitely born to be a dog mom. You’ve known for a long time. Babies are cool but a dog’s love is forever.