10 Things That Happen When You’re Single AF


1. You are all about yourself

Sorry! You are more selfish with your time, your energy and your space. It is hard to make compromises or think about how your actions affect another person. You are willing to move to a new city without a second thought because you are engrossed in what makes you happy, and it is not about anyone else.

2. You Become A Slave To Your Routines

You have come to know what works for you and how these things make you happy. So you simply stick to your routines. There is no need to switch things to a different angle when you are already satisfied with your schedule. Work time is work time. And partying or going to a new restaurant on Friday would be hard to change.

3. You Become Super Cynical About Dates

You don’t think first dates will materialize into something real. You are not really into dates or see any substance in them. You have been in a lot of dates that didn’t amount to much so why speak well about it.

4. You Get Used To Attending Events Alone

People know you for who you are. Your reputation comes to bare at events since no one will be offering you a plus-one invite to their event. Of course, they are sure you will be riding solo.

5. You ask more from those you spend time with

You have been single long enough to know what to ask from new friendships. If you are not really into someone you know you just have to walk away. You just won’t give up your status for just anyone.

6. You Wonder What The Future Will Look Like

You are so used to being single that you start wondering what the future will be like. Will you always be like this or will you find someone who you can eventually tolerate?

7. No One Tries To Fix You Up Anymore

When you have become single for too long, people start getting it. They have tried in the past to make you find someone you will be cool with, but it eventually doesn’t work out. They know singlehood sort of makes you have high standards and expectations, and who they offer may not really be your ideal match.

8. It Gets More Difficult To Explain Why You Are Still Single

People get confused. It is conventional for you to at least find someone and commit to the person. If you have become single for so long, people don’t really get it. They won’t understand why you decided to charter a bus to a new city or participate in that yoga retreat. You find it hard to explain why it is that you have not found what you seek, or you mentally kick the thought of being committed out the door?

9. You Have Bought A Pet

You now believe more in getting the loyalty and commitment you need from a pet. You probably have bought a cat or dog. At least you have a companion in the house now.

10. You Don’t Have Free Time Anymore

Whether it is work or leisure, you are busy with some activity that takes your mind away from commitment. Yes, your friends could be out on date and you could be binge-watching your favorite TV show on Netflix.