10 Things That Will Break Your Heart (And Change You Forever)


1. Moving away from your childhood home will break your tiny kid heart. Never again will you feel as carefree roaming the streets with your best friends.

2. Your first boyfriend will break your heart. What you don’t know at the time is that the pain will follow you to all future relationships. It will shape your fears and insecurities for decades to come.

3. Your heart will break the moment you realize that you’re not talented enough, just the way you are, to do what you love for a living. You’ll find that only a small percent of human beings are born so gifted that the world seeks out their genius. The rest of us have to learn, practice, and pray that the stars align so that maybe, we get a shot at it.

4. Holding your grandpa’s hand on his death bed will break your heart. You’ll realize that in a matter of hours you will never feel his touch again, or see his familiar face. He may just be the first person you know that dies. And it won’t be until years later that you come up with the perfect words to say good bye.

5. Your heart will ache the day you wake up from the fairytale fantasy that your soul mate, the perfect One, is out there waiting to complete you. The truth is you’ll be in a number of romantic relationships during your lifetime. Some will be short, some long… and none will be perfect.

6. You’ll find yourself brokenhearted when you come across a picture from a decade ago, and remember everything you thought you would’ve accomplished by now. You will now know that life takes you many places you don’t want to go, and you will never be fully prepared.

7. The time will come when you recognize that your parents aren’t invincible. Sitting with your mom in a doctor’s office after she’s been told she has cancer will shatter your heart into a million pieces. It’s the first time you will have to be the stronger one. This time it will be you who takes her in your arms, and tells her everything is going to be OK.

8. Your heart will take a blow when you find that you have lost your way- because everything you thought would make you happy simply doesn’t. You believed that when you finally had the dream job, met the perfect guy, and had enough money in your bank account, bliss would be yours… but it wasn’t so. Inner-peace comes from a much more complex place, and the journey there will be long and deep.

9. Your heart will break the first time you feel betrayed by someone you love… whether it’s a friend, family or lover won’t matter. The only thing you’ll sense will be the suffering of your soul, because you trusted them with it. There was an unspoken agreement, that among each other, we were supposed to be safe… Of course, it will take years until you finally understand that someone’s hurtful actions had much more to do with what they were going through at the time, than it did with you… but it won’t make it any easier.

10. Jumping on the scale and knowing you will never see the number you saw back in high school will break your heart. But that one’s not so bad- because you figure it must be from all the wisdom you have gained!