10 Things That You Better Know By The Time You Reach 30


1. Keep moving forward. When you have a dream and an obstacle occurs, you can take a break, but never stop moving toward your life goals.

2. It’s okay to make mistakes. Yes, I learned that mistakes are to be experienced in order to teach us some valuable lessons. It’s not a mistake after all — it’s progress. Forgive yourself and everyone involved, because it will give you inner peace.

3. Some people won’t be with you forever. You may give unconditional love to certain people, but they will pay more attention to your flaws than your strengths and leave you behind. And that’s okay. You have to let go of some people for your own good.

4. Appreciate everything that you have. I learned that when I’m thankful for the events and people in my life, I’m happier. Whether something that happens is good or bad, accept it and deal with it. See the good and learn from the bad.

5. Being alone is not so bad after all. This is the best discovery. Traveling, reading, meditation, and yoga gives me a lot of strength — more than you could ever imagine. I’ve started to enjoy my “me time” the most.

6. You will be judged, but keep loving anyway. It’s okay to be judged, because even though one person is judging you, another person is seeing the good in you. The person who judges just doesn’t understand your journey — and to be fair, we can’t expect everyone to understand our journey. But the ones that do understand will choose to be with you no matter what. So choose to be with those people instead!

7. It’s okay to be different. It’s called creativity and thinking differently. It doesn’t mean we are lesser or more than anyone. It’s okay not to follow the crowd. Be unique. Be you.

8. Be kind, compassionate, and learn to say no. Being kind and loving is good for the soul, but it’s important to say no, because some people will only stick around to use you. They don’t see the beauty in your soul.

9. Live in the moment. Don’t think about the past or the future too much. Live your dreams and work towards them in the present moment. Life is definitely more blissful when we live in the moment.

10. Be brave. No matter how successful you are, be humble, brave, live a balanced life, follow your heart, and only see the good in people.