10 Things That’ll Immediately Lift Your Mood


Down in the dumps? Stuck in a slump? Check out these 10 simple tips and see if they work for you:

1. Grin.

Smile widely at yourself in the mirror. Even though you may feel like you’re being a total weirdo/faking it, you will start to believe that you are happy. Yes, it feels silly. But just try it – I swear it works.

2. Write.

Chances are you know how to write if you are reading Thought Catalog articles. There’s nothing more therapeutic than letting your emotions pour onto a page, whether they are nonsensical and not worth sharing or in the form of perfect prose.

3. Eat bacon.

Seriously. When have you ever had a bad day that started/ended with bacon? A simple food that fills your place with the most delicious aroma – an instant mood boost, for sure.

4. Move.

Whether that is jamming out and dancing to some tunes inside the privacy of your bedroom, or going for a run outside to clear your mind, or taking your favorite fitness class, endorphins will help you feel insta-cheery. (That is, after you get over the initial hump of indolence in getting moving.)

5. Plan something.

Not your five-year plan, but something as simple as a potluck gathering to bring friends together. Your soul will feel refreshed, you’ll feel productive, and your friends will thank you.

6. Reach out.

Friend a long-lost high school friend you haven’t talked to in ages on Facebook, or email your favorite co-worker from your first job. Or, simply pick up the phone and call a family member who might enjoy hearing your voice. You’ll be glad you did.

7. Organize.

Your closet, your shoes, your toiletries, your drawers – something to instill a sense of order in the oft-chaotic nature of this world.

8. Blow bubbles.

It will return you to your 8-year-old self full of innocence and wonder.

9. Learn.

Pick up a book, take a golf lesson, sign up for an art class – you’ll feel a mood boost from having acquired new knowledge or a new skill you previously didn’t have.

10. Choose experiences.

With material goods only buying happiness of a limited shelf-life, start re-orienting yourself to favor experiences, which can bring you longer-lasting joy. Go on a trip, share a meal, start something new – these are all things that will make the most substantive impact on your mood.