10 Things To Do When You Get Home (Instead Of Eating Everything In Your Fridge)


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1. Take a nap. After a long day of work, class, or both, it might be best to just relax and nap away the day’s troubles instead of eating your feelings.

2. Run errands. As soon as you get home, instead of running to that fridge, run those pesky errands you’ve been putting off. You know the ones: getting your oil changed or cleaning out your car. Especially cleaning out your car. You’ll be so busy accomplishing things, you’ll forget those cravings you were having before!

3. Call your significant other. Call him or her as soon as you’re home because I’m pretty sure you won’t want to smack in their ear as you’re eating those Doritos, or have a mouth full of Nutella while telling them about your wonderful day. I’m sure after you talk to your boo, you’re going to be so overwhelmed with bae-like thoughts, food isn’t even in your head anymore.

4. Walk the dog. Spot wants out and you wanted him so desperately four months ago when he was a puppy. Now that he is running around peeing everywhere and you do everything you can to avoid him, try treating your pup to a walk instead of treating your stomach to that ice cream you know you don’t really need.

5. Do yoga! Instead of stretching your arm to the fridge handle, stretch your body for healthy living! Meditate your mind to focus on everything but that unnecessary afternoon Twinkie. You’ll be all relaxed and flexible after, and of course, your stomach will be flat as ever since you didn’t grab those sweets you initially wanted.

6. Prepare for the next day. Get that ironing board out and iron those clothes, go over those reviews for tomorrow’s meetings, make sure you didn’t accidentally update your company’s twitter from your personal twitter (guilty), and prep yourself!

7. Turn on your favorite TV show. Plop on the couch (without food) and catch up on the last season of OITNB. You’ve been dying to watch it, so binge-watch the TV instead of binge-eating out of the fridge.

8. Go stroll around the block. I’m sure it’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood. Why not go embrace it? Go throw on those walking shoes you bought and Instagrammed but never actually wore, walk around, and sight-see. Smell the flowers. Soak up some vitamin D. Notice everything going on outside you usually can’t hear over your typical afternoon crunching.

9. Read a book! OMG, why not read a book? Snuggle up with the book you’ve been wanting to read off of “Oprah’s favorites” and indulge in some 50 Shades of… instead of that chocolate in the cabinet.

10. Go on an internet binge. I literally spend hours on this darn website. I forgot to eat lunch last week looking up articles like, “10 ways to be a bad-ass.” You’re learning something, spending time in a valuable way, and look — you’re over here reading and forgot to hit the fridge!

featured image – 30 Rock