10 Things To Keep In Mind Before You Love The Eternally Single Girl


1. Her independence is her pride.

She takes pride in her independence because she has been on her own for so long. She knows how to be on her own and she’s become damn good at it. She can kill spiders, pump her own air into her tires and cook her own food. She will appreciate you being there if she needs help, but still let her do things on her own. Don’t make her feel like she’s incapable.

2. She will take a longer time to open up.

She’s had people come and go in her life, she’s trusted people she thought would stay, but even they left. So she will take a little bit longer to adjust to you being in her life, especially if you plan on sticking around for a long, long time.

3. She knows she doesn’t need you, but she still wants you.

She knows how to be on her own, she’s lived most of her life on her own without anyone constantly there to lean on. She knows what it feels like to be left and she knows how to recover from heartbreak on her own. She knows what it feels like to celebrate the highs and deal with the lows on her own. You being there should make these things easier and more enjoyable. She will want you there to celebrate the highs with her and comfort her during the lows, she would love the company, but she also knows how to go through them alone.

4. She’s had plenty of love.

She might have been single for so long, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have love in her life. She has plenty of love, just in different forms. She’s got an incredible support system. She has love from her friends and family and coworkers, and she can devote all the attention she wants into those relationships.

5. She’s worried about pushing you away.

She will worry about you leaving, she can’t help it because that’s all she’s used to. She will worry about doing or saying the wrong things. She might unknowingly push you away because subconsciously she’s scared you’ll leave and she’s just trying to speed up the inevitable. Bear with her, she wants you there, she is needs your reassurance.

6. She will question you, a lot.

She will wonder why you’re with her and what keeps you around. She will worry about her ‘flaws’ that have made others leave and she will wonder why you stay. She will question your interests and your feelings, but she’s just doing it to protect her heart because at the end of the day she’s the one who has always been there for herself. She’s just looking out for her own heart, just understand that.

7. She will still need alone time.

She finds comfort in her alone time. She might need a day or night to herself, don’t think she’s trying to get away from you, she just isn’t used to being around someone so much. She might take a day completely to herself to read or focus on her hobbies without talking to you.

8. She is her own complete person.

She doesn’t want you to be her other half and she doesn’t want you to be hers. She knows you’re each two separate individuals and that’s how she wants to keep it. She wasn’t looking for someone to come in and complete her. She will just want you to each compliment each other and bring out the best in each other.

9. She is heavy involved with her hobbies and passions.

She has a passion or hobby that she invested a lot of time in, whether it’s writing or yoga or photography or reading or knitting, whatever it might be she has something that makes her heart happy. She’s very much invested into her passions and she still will involve herself into those when you’re around.

10. She’s dedicated to her career.

She has dedicated her time alone to her relationships, her passions and also her career. She probably hasn’t been out looking for love, but instead dedicating her time to her career because it’s something that is very important to her. She wants to do the best she can and make something of herself.