10 Things To Put In Your Purse For Both Yourself And For Others


You’ve been there, rummaging around for something in your purse. “I think I’m going to need a bigger bag,” you think. You might think that you have no room in your purse for anything else besides the usual phone, wallet, calendar, makeup, and other goodies, but just take out the receipts, and add some of these goodies, which are good for you, and good for others!

1. Cepacol throat lozenges. These actually numb the back of your throat, and can turn your day or night around if you fall suddenly sick! Now you can make a new loud friend, or a new friend with horrible allergies. If you put two packs in your bag, you’ll have one for you, and one to give away to someone who needs it.

2. Tissues. Carry two packs, one for you, and one for someone in need. Imagine how impressed they’ll be when you whip out an entire new pack of tissues for them upon hearing them sniffle. I always hope this happens during a job interview. I love opportunities to feel like a gentleman.

3. Safety pins. You never know when the bat mitzvah girl needs one! Stat!

4. Snacks. There are all kinds of diets, so maybe a variety. Granola bars, nuts, dried fruit, meat jerky, goldfish, the works. What if someone has to stay late at work and you can leave? Offer them a snack! Now you’re the snack in their lives!

5. Bandaids. Now you’re a freelance EMT wherever you go.

6. Pads and tampons. Some girls are pad girls. Some girls are tampon girls. It’s good to carry both so you can pass it under the stall door when you hear someone crying.

7. Depends. You can’t discriminate against the elderly! Bring something along, and you never know which of your new friends will be making you a batch of cookies to repay you for your kindness.

8. Travel size deodorants. Deodorant is actually highly addictive, and puts you in a good mood, so forgetting it can feel like a bad mood all day. Bring one for yourself, and one for a friend. We can fight pit stains together!

9. Clear nail polish. Got a run in your stockings? Or do you usually not wear stockings? Some people do! Clear nail polish fixes holes in stockings, and you never know when a high powered person in pantyhose, or a little girl in tights, needs her day saved.

10. A roll of paper towels. Just kidding! If only.

Your bag becomes a first aid kit, for womankind, if you put these things in your bag. Want to be a superhero? Now you can! And your arms will be more toned for carrying these items too so you’ll look even more like a superhero for acting like one!