10 Things You Need to Hear Before Making A Risky Decision


There are times we need to make a risky decision. We don’t know the outcome. It could go either way. Is there a way to know which direction? No! Is there a way to know what’s best? No! Still, you need to make the decision. Even if it’s to do nothing. That’s a decision too. And then again, better to feel sorry about something you ‘ve done than feeling sorry for not having tried. So which way? I don’t know. I know what we all need to hear when we are about to make a risky decision.

I love you no matter what

That’s the unconditional love of the people who genuinely care about you. It’s the person who accepts, loves, supports, and encourages you no matter what. No strings attached. It’s acceptance that’s not based on your performance. It’s genuinely accepting you for who you are. Even if you make a terrible decision. Even if you make the right decision with an adverse outcome.

I’m here for you

That’s just music to the ears. When someone close to you reminds you that they are there for you, that they have your back. You are not alone. You have to make a risky decision; you are not sure about the outcome, and yet there’s reassurance that someone’s there for you, even if it’s just to smile and encourage you.

Give it a try

Every time you try, every time you take a risk, even if it’s a small and calculated one, you increase the chances of moving your life to the direction you desire; you increase the probability that good things will befall you. Giving it a try is all about taking the first step, stepping out of your comfort zone, and following your dreams.

Do what you think it’s right

Sometimes there’s no right or wrong; sometimes, a decision that’s right for you may not be the best option for me. We each follow our unique paths. What’s yours? Take the time to think about what’s according to your personality, your values, and your expectations. Then move confidently in that direction.

Trust your instinct

Your instinct is your unique physical reaction to the world inside and around you; it’s your gut feeling, your guide to life when logic alone doesn’t make sense or doesn’t provide enough information to allow you to make rational decisions.

What kind of help do you need from me?

That’s even beyond the typical “How can I help you?” It’s about recognizing that as you make changes and move forward, you may need a helping hand. A friend who’s supportive and offers their help before you need it recognizes that you don’t have to go it alone. It’s acknowledging that you may need support in your endeavor, and that’s their gift to you.

I don’t have any better advice

It’s reassuring to know that it’s not just you trying to collect information and figure out how to proceed. It’s humbling to realize that others have the confidence to admit that they don’t know any better. So maybe you do know better. But you will never really know unless you try.

I think it’s stupid, but do it anyway

For, who is to tell how things will turn out? What’s good for me may not be suitable for you and vice versa. Different people have different beliefs. Some people are risk-takers, some risk-averse. Some hold limiting beliefs such as “I can’t do it,” and “Nobody has done it,” or “I know I’ll fail,” or “I’ve never had any success with tough stuff,” and so on. What I think has nothing to do with you. And maybe my advice isn’t right for you. Even worse, you never asked for my two-cents but still, I want to impress it on you. Well, it doesn’t go this way. Accept that people have different opinions and concentrate on what you think it’s best for you.

Just breathe and go-ahead

So good to have someone remind you that you need to relax first, focus on what you need to do, and then do it anyway! Breathe in strength, breathe out worries. Breathe in confidence, breathe out self-doubt. You can do it!

Sky’s the limit

Many people associate risk-taking with danger or sheer stupidity, yet it’s the inevitable thinking and acting out of the box that leads to success. Reframe risky decisions as opportunities to succeed rather than a sentence to failure. Do your homework, do your planning, follow your plan, and, above all, have faith that you can do it!