10 Things You Need To Hear When You’ve Been Cheated On


1. You are a fighter.

2. You will learn that you’re far braver than you thought you were. You will learn that it does not take much to bring you to tears. That is okay.

3. You will think that it would be so much easier if you had been dumped. You wouldn’t have to be embarrassed about friends and family finding out. You wouldn’t have to hear the, “Oh, I’m so sorry… I don’t know what to say.”

4. Have your friends to tell you that you are loved. Believe them. Do not be afraid to ask for more hugs and less opinions.

5. Rock your sweatpants. No, really. Rock them. Keep your head high and feel fiercer than you ever have.

6. Take a long shower. Cry. Stay in there as long as you need to. When you get out, make a conscious decision to feel better.

7. It is okay to spend a day in bed. It is not okay to spend a week in bed. Get up and do something. Force yourself to slowly stretch back into a daily routine.

8. It was not your fault. It will never be your fault. You are shiniest speck of glitter in the sandbox. And if someone cannot appreciate the way your eyes light up when their hand meets yours then it’s time you find another who can.

9. Ignore the stigma of being cheated on. I know you just knew that you were smart enough to never be one of “those girls”. You knew that your boyfriend loved you more than he loved himself. Being a trusting human being doesn’t make you weak; breaking your trust makes him weak.

10. Keep your heart open. Building walls around yourself will not keep others out, it will keep you in. Nobody deserves to be trapped like that.