10 Things You Need To Know Before Dating An Introvert


1. We hate the phone.

We do whatever it takes to avoid answering the phone when it rings. Totally all about the “I’m busy right now, call you back later.” Texting feels more comfortable and less invasive for an introvert.

2. But we don’t enjoy texting either.

Sometimes, we go hours without responding. And that isn’t because we’re ignoring you either. We like to retreat into our own little world of solitude, and no-one else is invited. These times are the times that we recharge, and disengage from the outside world. Don’t take it too personally.

3. We simply cannot be available at a moment’s notice.

We need to know a plan way ahead of time and any sudden changes give us major anxiety. We can’t just drop whatever we’re doing. The stress of last-minute plans is exhausting for an introvert.

4. Small talk isn’t our forte, but deep conversations are where we really shine.

The idea of casual conversation sort of terrifies an introvert, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have a lot to share with you. If you get us talking about something we’re interested in, we will never shut up.

5. When we say that we need space, it should never be taken personally.

Alone time isn’t just something we want, it’s something we need. We need our time alone and we need lots of it. So, when we say that we need some space, never take it directly.

6. Sometimes hanging out with us might translate to sitting together in the same room in complete silence.

It might just mean simply being in the presence of one another, no conversation required. It might seem strange to some, but for an introvert, sometimes it’s more than enough. We like being in the presence of other people but sometimes engaging with them becomes simply too much.

7. Large crowds are overwhelming to us.

We hate the thought of being sardine packed in a hot, sweaty bar and will do everything in our power to avoid those environments at all costs.

8. We like doing things alone. And no, it isn’t weird.

We thrive on doing things by ourselves. Which includes something as simple as running errands to going on a major trip. It’s not that we don’t want you to be apart of the memories we create, we just truly enjoy being in our own company. It’s our comfort zone. We treasure the solitude that comes with being alone. It’s our time to regroup and recharge ourselves.

9. We can’t explain things as we’d like to.

We have so many thoughts running through our mind at all times of the day, but sometimes find it difficult to put those thoughts into words. This is why many introverts often excel in creative writing and/or photography. We’re super creative people but prefer to express that creativity in silence.

10. Just because we’re inhibited, that doesn’t mean we don’t like to party.

We still like to have fun and let loose every now and then. Just don’t expect to hear from us for the next few days afterward. Only kidding, kind of.