10 Things You Need To Understand About The Girl Who Loves Being On Her Own


1. She is not lonelier than those who don’t spend time alone.

For some reason, people believe that if you are alone, you are lonely. Girls who love being on their own are an equal amount or less so than those who need people surrounding them. I know you want to question their decisions in isolating themselves for a few days. It’s hard to imagine why someone would CHOOSE to be alone. It makes you think, are they afraid of being hurt? Are they incapable of loving others? No, they are simply more capable when they spend enough time with themselves. They know that other people aren’t the reason for loneliness, it’s your feelings about being alone that really causes such distress. Remember, you can feel alone even when surrounded by people.

2. She is a creative type.

Whether she reads countless books, writes out her feelings in form of poetry or creates web designs—a girl who loves being on her own has a creative outlet. To be creative, you need to be alone. To be alone, you need to get creative. Creativity can be a very personal activity, due to the emotions it tends to release. As a girl who loves being on her own, she has found a sense of comfort in her loneliness through facing her emotions head-on in a creative way. She makes art because with art you never truly feel alone.

3. She will not give herself up for love.

A girl who loves being on her own, will not give up this freedom for love. It’s not that she doesn’t want love. It’s just that she knows the importance of having her time alone and expects the person she is with to be understanding of this. If anything, she may prefer someone who feels the same. All relationships take sacrifice, but a girl who loves being on her own knows that giving up that time she spends with herself is just too much, because that depletes her entirely.

4. She is becoming who she is meant to be.

Spending time alone means you are constantly reflecting and working on who it is you are as a person. You come face to face with your feelings, your reality, and your dreams in order to work them all together. You can actually start to hear your inner wisdom or the whichever higher power you believe in, helping you to find a sense of being in the right place at the right time.

5. She does hurt, even though she doesn’t always show it.

It may seem like she’s heartless at times because she makes it seem so easy to move on from others or from bad situations. It’s not as easy as it seems. She just handles her hurt differently than you. Her time spent alone is her time for reflection and grief and sadness. She knows it’s important to feel all these feelings and she does it in a way that is protective of herself. She has become good at using her alone time effectively. It doesn’t mean things are actually are easier. She hurts just as much as you. She is just used to handling it on her own.

6. She chooses quality of friendships over quantity.

This seems slightly obvious when regarding her lack of social interactions. The thing that is not so obvious, is the importance she places on the few relationships she does have. If you are friends with a girl who loves being on her own then you are SPECIAL. You mean everything to her. She would do whatever it takes to keep you in her life because you have a special quality that she connects with and that’s difficult for her to find. You have managed to understand her, which she usually feels is difficult to find in another being.

7. She works best alone.

Teamwork is a thing and a girl who loves being on her own really does appreciate the guidance and extra helping hand once in a while, but she really does have the strongest work ethic when she is on her own. She is accustomed to her own ways and when others don’t follow suit, it may throw her off track. Don’t take it personally when she refuses your help at work. It’s because she’s got it. Just take it as a reassurance for you not to worry about what she’s doing. She’ll always finish her tasks accordingly and efficiently.

8. She has a deep understanding of life.

Spending time alone and actually enjoying it means you have discovered a way to appreciate life and look at it in a way that’s more than surface level. This is why she doesn’t need things or people or activities to take up her time. Sitting alone in silence is enough to keep her satisfied because she has found the beauty of simply just being.

9.  She loses energy from social gatherings.

It’s not that she doesn’t love being social, it’s just that in the spare moments she is, she fully indulges in conversations and focuses on the people in front of her. This engagement is so intense that it drains her. She uses tons of energy when surrounded by others because she does it so sparingly. She soaks up all that she can from the people she spends time with and this is why she needs all of those long breaks in between.

10. She is patient in waiting for what is meant for her.

A girl who spends time alone has discovered a way of waiting. It’s not that she doesn’t take control of her life when action is needed. No. She knows when action is needed and when patience is as well. She has come to discover what she is truly ready for and what she may still need to work towards. She doesn’t expect life to give her everything she wants. Being alone creates a sense of understanding that life isn’t full of excitement and achieving great things every second of your life. It also comes with days of nothing. It comes with days of unanswered texts and canceled plans and lost jobs and unmotivated mornings. She knows she needs to get through these lulls in order to obtain all that is meant for her.