10 Things You Should Be Saying To Women


So upon posting my previous article, 10 Things You Shouldn’t Say to Women, plenty of men have responded wondering what they should be saying to women if these are off limits. Let me say, that post was for fun, so don’t take everything too seriously. There are many women out there that take no notice to these things being said, and there are others that would be pissed if you ever uttered one of these words! So, I decided to make a list of things women like to hear, or things I enjoy hearing, and post it here for you all to see! Enjoy.

1. I really appreciate everything you do.

As women, we are traditionally seen as the caretaker of house and home. In this day and age that’s not very relevant anymore. With that being said, many of us enjoy taking care of our man and cooking, cleaning, and the like. So if your girlfriend or wife cooks for you on a daily basis, or even if she doesn’t… Thank her, sincerely, when she does.

2. You are beautiful

Hold her face, look deep into her eyes, and tell her how beautiful you think she is. There are some super charged hormonal days where we might not be feeling 100% about ourselves, or about life in general. Hearing this is always appreciated, even if it is from a stranger. If you don’t know her you might want to skip the part where you grab her face. But let her know how beautiful she is to you, inside and out.

3. Sorry, I was wrong

When arguments ensue, sometimes it’s hard for men to admit their fault due to ego or feeling insecure. Being able to admit when you’re wrong, and sincerely apologize for any mistake you may have made is truly a sign of love and understanding. Especially if you are in a long- term, monogamous relationship with someone, this is always appreciated; for both men and women.

4. How was your day?

Sometimes when I come home, I’m immediately bombarded by reminders that I forgot to wash my dishes or make the bed. Coming home to an honest, open question like: “How was your day?” Makes me feel like someone actually cares about my daily events, rather than wanting to remind me of more stressors. It’s not just about asking this simple question, but being open to hearing the answer.

5. Don’t worry about a thing, I’ll cook dinner tonight

A lot of us are expected to cook because for one we tend to cook better, and 2 we usually have more patience when it comes to cooking. Take a little weight off of her back by telling her you’re gonna cook tonight, then actually do it! I don’t know about other women in other relationships, but even if my man’s meal is inedible, I really appreciate the effort. It truly is a sign of love for me!

6. I really like that dress on you/ I like your hair that way

Instead of telling her how huge her tits look in that dress, just tell her that she looks great in it. Or notice when she gets a new haircut. For me, if I do my hair pretty I hope my man will notice. Even if he says something as casual as “your hair looks nice today” I still appreciate the fact that he noticed I took more time on it than usual. Or that he noticed I dyed it a new color. Those little things mean you are really paying attention! And most women love attention.

7. I really enjoy spending time with you

If you enjoy spending time with her, whether it be your mom, your wife, or your sister… Women like to hear that their presence is enjoyed. I love hearing that my man loves me around, and I also feel all warm and fuzzy inside when my dad tells me he likes hanging out with me. It’s a nice feeling knowing someone loves you and wants you around!

8. You’re really good at ______.

Socially and historically, women are and have been seen as weaker, less ambitious, and incapable of accomplishing or being good at the same things men are regarded for… If you notice she does something well, let her know! Even if she’s doing something crappily but she is doing it so she gets better, tell her! Sometimes a little regard for something someone does is inspiration to work harder.

9. I would really like it if you…

If you have a request, ask nicely. Suspend judgments, frustrations, and bad attitudes, and appeal to her comforting, feminine side. Let her know that a certain something would make you particularly happy, and she will most likely do it.

10. What can I do to make you feel loved?

Although we are all human, men and women tend to have a difficult time communicating. If you don’t know how to show her love, as her. Or do something Spontaneous for her! But if you are really at a loss, ask her, and listen to the answer.

So here are some things that the ladies in your life might love to hear. Some may not respond as positively as others, but they work for me! Do you have any suggestions on things you say to the women in your life?

This post was originally published at the-babbling-brooke.com.

image –jenny downing