10 Things You Should Do Before A First Date To Make It Way Less Awkward


1. Balance your adrenaline

While on the bright side, a speeding heart lets us know we still have one, try and slow it down. Listen to Album Leaf’s In a Safe Place and you will be at peace with the universe or bump Yeezy’s Graduation and you’ll feel on top of the world. 

2. Decaf

Caffeine kind of worsens anxiety, so if you are a junkie like me, either keep it to one cup in the morning or decaf it for the day. My personal favorite though is half caf, half caf forever!

3. Affirm yourself

Affirmations have always been awkward and difficult for me, but they sure as hell work. Best effective if you’re looking at the mirror, repeat these gems out loud:

“I love myself.”

“I am ready to receive epic love.”

“I am confident with myself.”

For more tips on affirmations check out Jen Sincero’s, “You Are a Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life.” You’ll thank me later. 

4. Sweat it out

When I say it, I mean your nerves. Whether krav maga, the dutty wine, or running is your thing, you’ll feel more energetic and mentally present before the big date. While doing 50 crunches in a day won’t automatically get you that six-pack, you’ll arrive with a natural glow!

5. Pep rally!

However you do it, give yourself that little league pep talk. I tend to call a friend, mostly to laugh for a bit and have someone remind me of how fabulous I am. If you have a dog though, just walk out the door and come back. Dogs basically portray a cyclical pep rally of enthusiasm every time we enter a room.

6. Breathe

Anxiety and stress cannot exist in a calm body, it’s physiology. Breathing exercises may take more or less time depending on the situation but they will always work. Unless you have asthma – if thats the case I can’t help you, but your inhaler can!

7. Stick with what you know

Wear what makes you feel like your best, most confident self, as long as it doesn’t smell – then you should walk through a febreeze cloud or clearly pick something else out. To remember some of your favorite outfits you can always give your instagram a quick scan. Then again if you don’t have an instagram, congratulations – I guess you’re just too cool.

8. Smell good

Important to also remember what “good” means because we all know smelling good does not translate to the amount of Axe fumes present in a 8th grade boys locker room. Scented oils are also a cool alternative as many of them are connected to our natural pheromones – i.e. how we instinctively become attracted to one another.

9. Respect your limits

Having a drink definitely helps ease first date jitters, but if you go overboard you risk ruining the date, let alone putting yourself in danger. Especially for women, remember to keep it at a max of two drinks.

10. Put your phone on silent

There’s no point of going on a date if you phone is going to constantly blow up. If you’re committing to a date, you should commit to losing eye contact with your phone for at least an hour. Believe me, this always helps.