10 Things You Should NEVER Do In A Workplace


10. Do not be mean to the cafeteria workers!

If your place of employment offers a full service cafeteria you don’t want to mess with the people serving you food! This can lead to some pretty nasty findings in your food.

9. Do not show up even five minutes late to your morning department meetings!

Trust when I say you do not want dirty looks from all sides of the conference room when you walk in with your Starbucks!

8. Do not have Anime pictures up as your screen saver!

Just don’t, OK? People will think you are totes weird!

7. Do not clip your fingernails or toenails at your desk!

Your coworkers will never want to sit in your cube again after they find the sliver of nail on the chair they’re sitting in—can we say EWWW?

6. Do not pop your zits in ladies bathroom!

For one, that is what you do in your own home and two, it’s pretty gross to walk in on someone doing it!

5. Do not fight with coworkers!

Be a team player. Fake it ‘til you make it! Go home and vent your spouse or BAE about this awful being that rocks you to your core. After all that is what they are there for.

4. Do not burn a bridge!

Upon getting fired or laid off do not tell that one person you didn’t care for what you really thought of them! You never know where you will see them again.

3. Do not participate in gossip!

Rest assured what you said will come back to you full circle!

2. Don’t sleep with your coworkers!

Maybe you think you are good at hiding it! Well, chances are everyone knows and are talking about it. Plus there are plenty of other places to meet people, like Tinder!

1. Do NOT sleep with your boss!

NOT a good idea! If you need to go on a power trip, take that trip elsewhere! Do you really want to be sitting in a room the day you get fired, regretting that you let them see you naked? NO!