10 Things You’ve Worried About With Past Loves That Won’t Matter When You Find ‘The One’


1. If they’ll stay.

Because they’ve already stayed, stayed enough to prove they’re never leaving. No, you haven’t gone through everything. And yes, there are still plenty of hard times to come (that’s inevitable). But they’ve stood by you thus far, and they aren’t going anywhere.

2. If you’ll always get along.

You won’t. And you know this. This is good. You won’t always be sunshine and rainbows; instead, you’ll probably fight a lot, which is a natural part of being in love. When you’ve found your person, you won’t need to stress if you’ll always get along because you know that you’ll have opinions and disagreements and strong feelings, and that’s what makes your relationship dynamic and real.

3. If they really, really love you.

Because when you’ve found ‘the one,’ you’ll know this without question.

4. If they’ll find someone better.

Minor insecurities will pop into your head at times, and sure, you might have some doubts here and there, but when you’re with ‘the one’ they’ll make you feel as if you’re the most important person in the universe. You won’t worry about them leaving because they’re committed to you, and you to them. And even more importantly, you have faith in each other’s loyalty.

5. How you’re going to get through something difficult.

When you’re with ‘the one’, you have a constant support system, a fellow fighter, and other half that will stand alongside you and help you save yourself.

6. If you’re meant to be.

Because as cliché as it sounds, when you’ve found your person, you don’t really have a question. You can see yourself with them, you aren’t afraid to look into the future, and you’ve found both peace and excitement in loving them.

7. If you’re putting in too much or too little into the relationship.

These things don’t really matter when you’ve found ‘the one’. There’s a continual give and take, a balance, but also an imbalance that just works based on the situation. It’s never one-sided, because you’re continually loving and learning to accept one another’s love. You don’t have to stress about who’s doing more, or loving more, because as equally matched as you are, you’re okay with being unmatched sometimes. That’s real love.

8. What they’re doing when you’re not around.

Because trust. When you’ve found ‘the one,’ this isn’t even a question because the two of you trust one another fully.

9. If they’re happy.

This you’ll see in their expressions, in their interactions with you, in the way they smile. With previous boyfriends/girlfriends you were always scared that at the drop of a hat, they would just stop loving you, just stop finding happiness in your relationship. With ‘the one’ it isn’t like that. Sure, you’ll have bad days, but you find such joy in one another and in the connection you have. Your happiness is intertwined in one another. And you bring the light to one another’s lives every single day.

10. Where you’re headed.

In your past relationships, you’ve worried about where you were going, how things would work out, and if there was a plan or a road map of sorts. But when you’re with the person you’re meant to be with, these fears fade away. Life becomes a serious of beautiful events that don’t always go according to plan, but because you have someone alongside you, you aren’t afraid.