10 Thoughts About Men That I’ve Never Confessed Before


1. I Find A Man With a Beard Unapproachable

I feel the same way about a man with a beard as a man feels about a woman with a pixie cut. The pixie cut is seen as an extreme hair trend. Men have theorized a woman gets a pixie cut to show she is closed off to men. This theory is supported by women who get a pixie cut after a break up. But don’t men do the same thing? The break up beard is a popular trend too. It conveys the message a man is closed off. Half of his face is hidden and it makes him unapproachable.

2. Facial Hair Scratches My Skin and Hurts

I remember the first time I acted negatively towards a man’s facial hair. I was four years old and my Dad was hugging me. He hadn’t shaved that day and his face felt like sand paper against my skin. I remember recoiling at the feeling. I told him he was not allowed to hug me until he shaved. I still react negatively to that feeling of sand paper on my skin.

3. I Wish Men Wore T-Shirts While Sleeping

It is a common trend for men to sleep wearing only boxers. This makes cuddling complicated for me. If I am lying on his chest my face sticks to his skin. If he is sweaty I can feel it on my face. I cringe at the thought of his sweat getting into my pores. If we are spooning I can feel his chest hair on my back. It either tickles or sends shivers up my spine. But when a man is wearing a shirt I can relax and feel comfortable. I can enjoy the closeness of cuddling.

4. I Don’t Like Men Having Female Friends

Attractive women will always be competition. Very few men are willing to introduce their female friends to the woman who is their girlfriend. Every man has female friends who are in the “I am physically attracted to her” category. A man’s female friend is always competition except she has an unfair advantage. She knows him, she knows about you, but you don’t know about her. I don’t like men having female friends because I don’t want to compete with an unknown woman. I don’t want to question if they have a history. I don’t want to wonder if he is only with me because he isn’t with her.

5. I Don’t Like Men With Long Hair

I like the short hair look on men. It looks more masculine to me. A man obsessed with his hair is unattractive to me. Living with a man with long hair is similar to living with a sister. They are inconsiderate; my hair conditioner bottle is always empty, my hairbrush is never where I left it, and I can never find a hair tie.

6. A Big Penis Is Not Important To Me

I think men obsess about their penis size too much. I understand men would feel insecure if their size is below average but I don’t understand why average guys want to be bigger or why bigger guys thinks they are the best. Just like all penis sizes are different. All vagina sizes are different. Finding the right match is more important.

“According to the Kama Sutra , man and woman are divided into three classes. Man can be classified as the hare man, the bull man and the horse man according to the size of his, um, lingam (I think you know where this is headed). But fear not, woman too can also be classified as a doe, a mare or a female elephant depending on the depth of her yoni.”

7. I Value a Great Kiss More Than Great Sex

I can remember my best kiss very vividly. It was six years ago. We had spent the evening watching movies at my house. Most of my past kissers had been impatient kissers. But not him, he kissed me slowly. That kiss was unforgettable.

8. I Watch Chick Flicks When I Want To Be Alone

It is no secret men dislike chick flicks. All romantic comedies have the same plot. All romantic dramas have the same plot. They are predictable and boring for men. I use this to my advantage when I want to be alone. When a chick flick is on a man is interested in anything else. All of a sudden he wants to hang out with a friend, clean his car, or discover a new hobby.

9. I Like When A Man Is Nervous Around Me

Humans are intuitive to the feelings of others. We can tell a person with puffy red eyes has been crying. We can tell when a person is having a good day. We tend to bounce vibes back and forth based on what we are feeling. When a man is nervous around me I know he likes me. He is nervous around me because he cares what I think about him and he wants to impress me. When a guy is nervous around me I can feel that vibe and I become nervous. I start to care what he think about me and I want to impress him. I start to like him and think about him all the time.

10. I Am Attracted To Affectionate Men

I always fall in love with the most affectionate man. I always fall out of love when they stop being affectionate. I like it when a man hugs me every time he sees me. I like it when a man wants to hold my hand. I like it when a guy kisses me frequently. I like it when a man puts his arm around me. I like it when a man guides me through a crowd while touching my lower back. Affection is incredibly valuable to me.