10 Thoughts That Will Instantly Improve Your Life


1. Authenticity is your superpower.

When who you are, who your actions show you are, and who you say you are align you are unstoppable. Authenticity is a love letter to everyone you encounter. It’s also a lamp, road-map, and a permission slip. Nothing shines brighter than a person living in their truth.

2. Greatness is a state of being.

Greatness does not begin with actions. It also doesn’t start with good ideas or well-conceived plans. At its core, greatness is a condition of the heart that influences your way of existing in the world. It is a state you consistently inhabit that overflows into your words, thoughts, and deeds.

3. Co-conspirators in your joy, purpose, and well-being make the best friends.

Friendships can serve many different purposes in your life. The friends that make you better enrich your spirit. The best friends are those that join forces with you to propel you into the highest version of yourself.

4. Protecting your energy is a form of self-love.

Prioritize the nurturing of your soul, mind, and body. Don’t dwell on thoughts, relationships, or situations that drain your energy and deplete your emotional reserves. Invest yourself in the spaces that feed your soul.

5. Bring your whole self to the table.

Being alive means you get to experience the full measure of what it means to be human. There’s room for all of you. Everything fits- your edges and curves, your quirks and strangeness are all equally majestic parts of your being.

6. Get in your lane and stay there.

All of creation watches and waits to see how you will use the gifts that have been given to you. Divine purpose is not transferrable. It is uniquely and individually yours. You were put on this planet at this time for a work that only you can do. The doors that are meant to open for you can only be accessed by you, from your own lane.

7. You are not stuck.

You can begin again. You can do the next right thing. You can start over. You can cash in your second chance or your 2000th. You don’t have to settle.

8. Perfect love casts out fear.

Fear robs you of hope and lures you into an unworthy life. Choose instead focus on love. Remember that God is with you and for you. You are fully known and irrevocably loved by the One who holds the stars in place. You never have anything to fear.

9. Expand your consciousness.

Your perception of an experience is the greatest determinant of how it will impact your life. Commit to mining for the good. Decide that every experience is a love offering. Everything that happens has the potential to help you grow, learn, or heal. This perspective will shift your mind and enrich your life.

10. You are a human being not a human doing.

Resist the urge to constantly distract yourself from the experience of existing. You cannot show up in your life if you don’t actually live it. Be intentional about taking time to disconnect from the external to connect with the internal. Make time to savor the moments. This is how you build a life.