10 Tips To Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day The Right Way


1. Pull every green item of clothing out from your wardrobe. Wearing as much green as possible is always going to go down well, and so will that free drink with all your efforts!

2. Paint the face. The outfit is only part of it. You need to make sure you have your face on too. Irish flags, shamrocks or Guinness symbols are all popular make up for the day. Try to resemble a leprechaun and in other countries you’ll be the star of the town.

3. Find yourself a parade. And go. If you can find a parade near you, there is no better way to start the day. Take part in banishing the snakes as St. Patrick did in Ireland so many years ago. If you can, try jump into the parade and take advantage of the fame. If you have made it into the parade – you’ve made it in life. Your mother would be proud. Smile and wave at all your fans as you pass them by.

4. Earn some beer money. This is the day for all talents (and non talents) to fill the streets with energetic atmosphere and to celebrate together. One of the most important ways to do this is through music. Take advantage of it and have some fun! Maybe you’ll earn enough money for a well deserved pint after your efforts. Either way, a bit of traditional singing, dancing and general banter goes down swimmingly on the day!

5. Get yourself to a pub. After the parade, and once you’ve earned yourself that pint there is only one place to go and that’s straight to the bar. You’ll find most people gravitate towards the pubs and restaurants after this.

6. Warm up the singing voice. The street music was only the start of it. Inside the pub is where the real music session starts so get comfortable. Once you have yourself a pint of Guinness, join in on the session and sing along to some traditional music. This is one for everyone to enjoy and you’ll find the entire pub will join together for a few tunes late into the night.

7. Learn some Irish phrases. Although Irish isn’t our first language anymore, if there is any day to speak as gaeilge it’s St. Paddy’s Day. Dia dhuit (hello), sláinte, (cheers) and lá fhéile padraig sona dhuit (Happy St. Paddy’s Day) should do the trick.

8. Get your dancing shoes ready. What’s Paddy’s Day without a bit of Irish dancing? Just keep your arms glued to your body, fling your feet around as if separate from your body, and you’ve got it. Close your eyes and pretend you’re Michael Flatly in Lord of the Dance and have fun with it.

9. Bring an instrument. You’ll find it will come in handy! Either on the streets or in the pub, you’re never too far away from a bit of music and always welcomed to the party. Learning a folk song or two will get you straight in there with the cool kids. There is nothing we Irish like better than a good old session, and once the parade is finished and the sun goes down, that’s the itinerary for the rest of the day. If you can join in, do!

10. Have the craic! Whether you take from the list or not, it’s all about coming together for the day, and just having some fun. Soak in some Irish culture and get in touch with your Celtic side!