10 Tips To Throw The Perfect Summer Party


One of the most beautiful seasons brings some great reasons to celebrate the beauty of longer days and warmer evenings, gatherings in good company, and slowing down the pace of everyday life to enjoy saved up vacation days. Summer magic and fun can be easily created through simple planning of the perfect party.

1.) Open air venue: sea, countryside, terrace, backyard, or park.

Whether it be a rural, seaside, suburban, or city location that the party is held, what’s important is that it’s held outdoors to embrace the balmy yet fresh air. Depending on the spot, preparations of what to serve, dress code, and space will vary.

2.) Invite guests that are ready to party.

There are those who love a good party and are agreeable with what’s being served, can hold a good conversation, and are willing to relax while going with the flow. These are the people who add to the festivities rather than subtract from it. Avoid the extremes: downers and attention seekers…middle of the road is just fine.

3.) Time of day and dress code.

Depending on the heat, choose a time of day that will be most comfortable whether it be an afternoon, early evening or late night gathering. This will also inform guests if bikinis and swim trunks should be worn or a flirty maxi and classic chinos.

4.) Menu: keep it light.

Cold beverages, finger food and small bites, summer salads, fruit platters, and non-melting desserts can be easily purchased or prepared at home and adapted to any budget. Paper goods that are coordinated will make a classy presentation yet are disposable for a quick clean-up.

5.) Contributions are welcomed.

Potluck style can allow for a diverse selection of food and drink along with a fair share of responsibility and a division of cost.

6.) Playlists and entertainment.

Musical friends or self-proclaimed rock star? Is there a guest who can make a great mix for lounge, dance, or sing along? With simple background music, sing along, or impromptu dance party everyone can let loose and elevate the mood of the gathering by bringing great energy—collectively.

7.) Enjoy the day or evening with ease…because that’s what it’s all about.

Even as the host or hostess, you are entitled to have just as much fun as your guests. By
approaching the day with a relaxed attitude, mixing and mingling, and asking for help serving, with
clean-up, and general organization, it frees you up to also engage in the festivities.

8.) When the sun goes down lighting sets the mood.

Candles, a string of old fashion lights, tiki torches, or even deck spot lights can really create a fun, light-hearted, and even romantic setting that continues to illuminate the glow of the party and radiance of you and your guests.

9.) And when the sun starts to come up…

Either you and your guests are already at home sleeping with contentment from the party or you are still together and enjoying it. Whatever the case may be, it will leave a lasting impression.

10.) Share pictures through social media, private electronic photo albums or e-mail/chats.

After all, everyone has captured a different perspective of the party and rightfully so it should be exchanged and shared to celebrate the success and happiness of the event itself spent in great company. It serves as a reminder for more gatherings to come.