10 Types Of College Brainiacs


1. The In-born Brainiac

Stereotypically, they are the nerdy-looking guys wearing thick eye glasses (whether in suspenders or not). They are the ones who are naturally-born with bright minds; probably, they started reciting the alphabet even before the age of one. They are already gifted with intelligence and at the same time, they study hard for all of their classes. They have wide reading references, and studying is a favorite hobby, a habit and part of daily routine. Sometimes, they are called the’ walking encyclopedia’, and if you to think that Wikipedia is their middle name, you can also think that Einstein is their uncle.

2. Textbook brainy

They are the ones who know the textbooks from cover to cover. Usually, they are the grade conscious students who will work hard and memorize the exact definition of every word in the book, and they would kill if they don’t get a perfect score. They are very much grade-conscious because they are maintaining a grade for a scholarship or parental expectations. By hook or by crook, they will need to have high grades even if it means burning themselves in all the chapters, and from the very first day of school, they have set their minds that they must graduate with flying colors.

3. Happy-Go-Lucky Smart Ass

Whiz kids who can party all night and take the finals the following morning (even with hangover) and still manage to get an A. They’re naturally-born intelligent, without needing to study so much, because stock knowledge works very well for them. Nobody knows how they do it, really.

4. Lethargic or #YOLO Smart Ass

While a Happy-Go-Lucky brainiacs can maintain good grades in a party animal form, these two kinds of students are both intelligent but tend to fail in their classes either because of too much procrastination, or excessive and irresponsible partying perhaps, out of bad influence. They live up to their “You Only Live Once” motto but cannot manage to get up the next morning to attend their classes; or maybe they are just too lazy to go to school at all.

5. Unnoticed Brainiac

We all have that one classmate that we can go all day without noticing that they are actually there. Typically shy and quiet so his presence is not usually felt; but when the results of the exams are posted, he ranks in line with the in-born and textbook brainiacs. You may have doubts about it, if he’s doing some kind of magic in his little corner in class while taking the tests, but you can’t deny that he is one smart ass. How cool is that?

6. Boisterous Brainiac

Kids who are active in class discussions but sometimes fail in written exams. They are the opposite of the dead kid brainers. Their presence in class is very obvious, and when their mouth starts to talk, you know that they are made with substance. They can challenge their professors with clever questions and they can also prove their arguments. However, you might wonder if something went wrong while they were taking pen and paper exams. Error 404.

7. Jack-of-all-trades Brainiac

Students who posses multiple intelligence; arts, science, sports, social skills, etc. They are good in almost everything but they never really figure out what their hearts want so they shift from one course to another every semester, sometimes, they don’t really graduate from college on time. They are the individuals who are gifted with bright minds but they never focus on one particular field. Intellectual drifters, nuff said.

8. Extra-Curricular

Brainiac– these are the kids who excel in usually non-academic field that they are passionate about like arts or dancing, or the ones who lead multiple organizations at the same time, so they have the tendency to neglect their responsibilities inside the classroom as a student. They are intelligent, but more often than not, time management is their number one issue in balancing the needs of school and extra-curricular activities.

9. Weirdo Brainiac

they are the ones who knows the a lot about out-of-this-world things by heart, but when you ask them something about your subjects, you will get crickets sound as response. They are the kids who talks about UFOs and the latest space missions abroad in the middle of a Calculus class and for you, it is okay to feel like, “dude, are you with us?”

10. Average Brainiac

Simplest form of brainy students who study for the exams but do not really care if they got an A as long as they pass. They are the ones who normally do well without being labeled as a genius or a textbook smart ass. They are not the extremely whiz kids, but just a brainiac with the right amount of intelligence and hard work.

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