10 Types Of People You Encounter Inside The Elevator


The elevator is one of the many more awkward places in this entire world. You don’t want to get stuck inside with strangers, but if your day-to-day activities include riding this machine, you would notice these people perfectly doing what they are doing best.

  1. The Singer. Enter the Mariah Carey in your building, She’d try to sing her favorite tune in a low voice, but you can’t help it – she’s going to the penthouse, and you’re just two floors below her. You might as well sing with her?
  2. The MP3 Player. While you and the rest are stuck together, you can’t help but hear the sound of someone’s earphones trying to share the “good” music he thinks is good. Seriously, mister, lower it down.
  3. Those who can’t stop talking. You know these people too well. These are extroverted, people-person human beings, chattering, and blabbering about the latest episode of your favorite series, or the latest trending topic.
  4. The one with no personal space. This person comes inside the elevator, and tries to lean on you as if you owe him. Get real, sir.
  5. The person who carries a big bag. This person, plus the one with no personal space, can be detrimental. Excuse me, miss. Don’t slap us with your bag. Thank you.
  6. The impatient. No one can annoy you the most than this person who tries to repeatedly push the open/close buttons every time someone hops in or gets out of the car. You. Will. Get. To. Your. Floor. Just. Relax!
  7. Your boss. No matter how you want to keep that smile, or get the conversation going, pauses, or a complete silence is everything. Just keep your composure, and always remember to dress well. You’d never know when fate plays tricks on you.
  8. Your building crush. Now this is both sweet and well, awkward. More awkward when he sees you staring at him and you can’t escape because you’re in an enclosed space. But a minute or two of being in the same place at the same time can be heaven.
  9. Your office crush. This is different from the former, since you really don’t get to see this building crush every once in a while, but your office crush…in an elevator? Thank the heavens. Good morning, indeed.
  10. The one who always brings food. No way. Just don’t.