10 Unhealthy Types Of People You Should NEVER Date


1. Pushy people

They met you yesterday but they are already hitting you with the

“You make me feel so whole, you’re my life babe, it’s you or no one else.”

They come on too strong and before you even know what’s happening, you’re way in over your head almost immediately. Their plan is to have you wrapped round their finger or eating off their palm before you even realize it.

2. Control freaks

“Where were you last night? I called you 20 times”

I don’t know what bothers me more, that you called 20 times or that you don’t know that people sleep at night. These people keep interrogating. They feel you should ask for permission before you breathe, let alone go or do anything. They want to own you.

3. Possessive ones

“I went through your phone while you were sleeping… so who’s Kate?”

It’s okay to be possessive a little. People find that very cute. But when he/she starts snooping round your email, phone or social media and even starts checking your web history. That’s a major psycho alert. These excessively jealous and possessive people will do anything, they’ll spy on you, might even put bugs in your car and phone. Very unstable people.

4. Verbal slanderers, 

“You f@#$%^k Whore”

Bad for your self-esteem, they’ll call you all sorts of names, degrading ones, cruel ones. They’ll curse you and criticize you. They have all the foul words in their vocabulary and they are not afraid to use them against you.

5. Isolators

“You love your best friend more than you love me that’s why you went to grab lunch with him when I needed you to see if pink suits me better.”

These people want your life to revolve around them. They make you isolate your family and friends. If they aren’t involved in something, you dare not be involved in it. It’s either them or no one else.

6. Ones with anger issues

“How dare you stand in front of the Telly, I’m watching the News! Are you insane?”

You never know what to say or how to act around these people because they might just flare up unnecessarily.  They get moody or aggressive over the most insignificant things. You’ll become shielded and tip toe around them.

7. The ones that really love to threaten

“So help me, I will bash your face in.”

One day, your face will actually get bashed in. These people love to throw tantrums; they will destroy your stuff just to prove a point and they’ll always make some comments that will make you actually realize you might be in danger.

8. Guilt trippers

“It’s all your fault…”

They never believe anything is their fault. It’s always your fault, the boss, parents, siblings or friends fault, never his fault.

9. The very insecure ones

Especially when it comes to your friendship with the opposite sex, you’ll hear, “I saw you checking him/her out, you like him/her better right? I knew it, CHEATER.”

These people will accuse you of liking the opposite sex sexually. They’ll want to know how and why you’re friends with that guy instead of that girl. They’ll question why your female boss likes you. They are just very paranoid.

10. Pretenders

“You’re my boy/girlfriend now, so no need to…”

… be nice to you,  cook for you, dress all sexy, send you sweet texts. Blah blah blah

They found out what you wanted and made you believe them, then when you finally became committed, they flipped sides. Kinda makes you wonder what else he/she can really do. Kill you and make it look like suicide?

So unless you want a life destined for misery and all sorts of abuse, stay away from these people.