10 Unmistakable Signs He’s Not The One


1. He doesn’t make an effort to make you feel comfortable in all situations.

This one is extremely important. If he isn’t going out of his way to make sure you are ok in uncomfortable situations, like meeting his parents or attending his high school reunion, then something isn’t right. The right one for you will make sure you are at ease in every circumstance.

2. He isn’t close with your family.

If your significant other doesn’t have a lot to talk about with your family, or acts like he doesn’t have any interest in them, something is off. Your boyfriend needs to be able to connect with them on some level, and if he isn’t trying, he isn’t the one for you.

3. Some of your friends don’t like him.

No matter what, if even a couple of your best friends don’t like him, that is a sure sign he isn’t the one for you. Your friends are a huge part of your life, and they should be over the moon about your significant other. If they have a problem with how he treats you, pay attention to that.

4. You don’t talk about your future with him.

Conversations regarding your future together is awkward and short. He avoids it like the plague and doesn’t discuss it in detail with you. If this is the case, something is terribly wrong.

5. He doesn’t put you before his friends.

Instead of wanting to spend alone time with you after not seeing you for a week, he goes to the bars with his buddies. Of course, everyone needs space and time with their friends, but if he is continually choosing his friends over you, he isn’t the one.

6. You aren’t close with his friends.

It’s ok to not be best friends with all of his friends. It’s ok to not want to chill with them a lot of the time. But, if your significant other isn’t making an effort for his friends to connect with you on some level, then he isn’t trying hard enough. If he truly cares about you, he would want his friends to care about you too.

7. He becomes uneasy whenever you mention moving in together.

If you have been together long enough and have steady jobs that are close in proximity to one another, moving in together can and should come up in conversation. If you are constantly mentioning one day moving in together and he shrugs his shoulders, acting nonchalant about it, he isn’t interested. And will never be.

8. He has never mentioned marriage.

If he has never mentioned marriage, or anything regarding taking big steps towards being together forever, he isn’t the one.

9. He parties like he’s still in college.

If your significant other is still acting childish when it comes to nights out on the town, this is a problem. If he would rather go to strip clubs then to have a nice dinner with you, he isn’t the one. And frankly you deserve better than a guy whose hobbies include beer pong.

10. When you argue with him, he shuts you out.

Arguing is normal. Sometimes, arguing can be healthy. But if he never makes an effort to mend the tension, and shuts you out instead, he isn’t trying hard enough. If he just ignores you and doesn’t want to talk it out, he doesn’t care enough to work it out. He isn’t and will never be the one.