10 Unpleasant Things We Should Actually All Learn To Embrace


1. Criticism: So many people just tell you what you want to hear, which, newsflash: simply isn’t helpful! I completely admire when someone can candidly point out places where growth is possible. The ability to kindly give criticism or advice is imperative, it’s what pushes us, inspires us to be better, helps us see a new perspective, and grounds us. I rather hear others’ opinions than simply sit around guessing what they may be.

2. Working: The next time you are unemployed for more than four months, ask yourself if you are having the time of your life. It’s one big, never-ending weekend, right? I would guess that you are stressing about money, uneasy about the future, and watching much more Netflix than is healthy. Work is good. Routine is healthy. Even too much free time can become monotonous.

3. Long layovers at the airport: People get so fussy about having to sit down, read a book, and enjoy an iced coffee from Starbucks. Airports are one of the most fascinating places, a holding tank for the entire world. A place of constant movement and transition. The longer I get to relax and sink into my own world, or to stop, look up, and try to imagine the stories that are swirling around me, the happier I am.

4. Breakups: Breakups are tough. You will miss that person. There will probably be tears. Then you will start to move on, you will realize that you can be a much more complete person when there isn’t someone around who was dragging you down, when there isn’t someone by your side who was no longer bringing out the best in you. You will have more time for the things and people you love, and yourself.

5. Anxiety: Anxiety is the stuff of creation. If you choose to embrace it, it can become energy, motivation, and exuberance (three things that I particularly love)!

6. When people don’t like you: If you spend your whole life people-pleasing, then everyone might think your great. Too bad they don’t actually know who you are. Too bad you had to spend so much effort figuring out who they wanted you to be and then, on top of that, acting like that person. I like it when once in a while I can tell that someone doesn’t necessarily like me, sometimes I get bummed, and then I realize that it’s a reminder that I have been myself — someone who I have worked hard to become, someone who I am proud to be.

7. Selfies: I love getting a sneak peak into the moment when people think they look their absolute best. A selfie is the ultimate in photographic control, it’s why we love taking them and why I love looking at them. Do people go for pursed lips, big round eyes, a smile, or the head tilt? Just like dreams, each pose has a meaning.

8. Going to the doctor: Everyone complains when they have to go to the doctor. I say if I’m sick, fix me! I love knowing that after I walk away I could actually feel better if there was something going wrong. If you are your own advocate and listen to your body, then doctor’s appointments are no longer something to gripe about. In fact, you can leave with new understandings, new solutions, or simply the relief that all is going great.

9. Tough times: You’ve all heard this before, but I’m here to reiterate it because it is so very important. Tough times don’t feel great in the moment, let yourself feel that, be a mess. It is okay. However, also remember that those feelings won’t last forever. When emotions change and you are able to move on, there will be growth, new understandings, the capability to be more empathetic towards others, and possibly even appreciation for all the feelings that just had to be felt.

10. A little bit of YOLO: Possibly one of the most obnoxious things to hear being yelled out loud, or written on a tote bag, or hashtagged on Facebook. However, when it comes to life a little bit of YOLO is a mighty good thing. Live with reckless abandon, with passion, like this opportunity might not come your way again.

featured image – ►►haley / Flickr