10 Unromantic Things Your Perfect Girl Will Absolutely Do In A Relationship


We all know that nobody is perfect, but then there is that girl you’ve been dreaming about every night and you now have the opportunity to be in a relationship with her. Although she will always remain, in a sense, perfect to you, there may still be some unromantic qualities that come along with this perfection.

1. Drunk dialing and texting.

When you have found your perfect girl, it’s most likely the case that she feels she has found the perfect partner as well. She will tell you this and maybe not in the most romantic way. I mean who hasn’t processed their love through drunken texts and slurred words over the phone? Just because a girl is perfect, doesn’t mean she can’t have a little fun now and then. Just be prepared to hear about her inhibited feelings for you while she’s doing it.

2. Ask you to use a condom.

In the midst of your deep, passionate make-out sessions, your perfect girl may just push you off and remind you that she’s either not on birth control or needs you to put on some protection. Yes, this is not romantic, but she’s also being safe and you have to respect that.

3. Challenge your ego.

The perfect girl will challenge you. Don’t get wounded because your girl has an ability to confront your wrongs. If anything, you should hear her out. Quiet your ego for once and consider her side. If you had a girl simply stroking this ego with love and affection 24/7, then you wouldn’t grow into the person you’re meant to be. Love challenges you to change into a better person. If you can’t handle that, then you’re not ready for your perfect girl.

4. Won’t want to have sex with you.

Despite how horny you are, how hot you look, how hot she looks, or how much effort you put into your dates—sometimes your perfect girl won’t want to have sex with you. This may seem unromantic, especially when you’re putting in the effort to woo her, but that’s not how it works. If your girl doesn’t want to have sex, respect that. A perfect girl doesn’t need to have sex all the time, and won’t want to at the same times you do. There may be other things going on in her mind or she simply doesn’t want to.

5. Get her period.

This may go hand in hand with the whole not wanting to have sex thing. Yes, girls get periods. It’s not romantic seeing your sheets stained with blood or having your girl eat a whole tub of chocolate ice cream as you sit and watch a movie together. It may not be romantic, but it’s part of being a woman that men should appreciate. You’ll never have an idea of what it’s like to get a period. Never. So hear her out and get her chocolate when she wants it.

6. Ignore you for her friends.

Okay, maybe she won’t completely ignore you, but there will be times that she chooses her friends over you. Your perfect girl will need her own time and space to do what she wants, when she wants to. Also, she shouldn’t be isolated from only talking about you or only talking to you. That’s a dangerous setup. Give her space and don’t threaten her time with others. Friends are just as important as significant others. If you try to mess with this, you may end up losing your perfect girl.

7. Won’t shave her legs.

If only this still wasn’t a problem. Yes, girls have hair. All over. Sometimes even on chins or in between two perfectly, bushy eyebrows. It doesn’t make them any less beautiful. So, if you come across some stubble while brushing up against your perfect girl’s leg, you best NOT say shit about it. Shaving legs are not only a grooming ritual that can take up minutes of your perfect girl’s time, but it is a personal choice. As in, HER choice. Not yours. Some days they may be shaved, others they may not be. Maybe they never shave their legs. It doesn’t and shouldn’t mean anything to you.

8. Not let you kiss her with lipstick on.

Your perfect girl will look extremely hot on nights that you go out. You may want to place your hands all over her and give her a great big smooch, but she will push you away. A girl takes time and effort in getting ready that you may not understand. Try to. Lipstick is an art form. Don’t fuck that up.

9. Will eat just as much or more than you.

This is starting to feel a little more stereotypical than expected, but it is still assumed that girls eat less than men and that’s simply not true. Maybe on the first few dates, she’ll order a salad to keep it light, but once you’re together, there’s no holding back. If you’re paying the tab for dinner, your perfect girl may just take advantage of that. A steak, mashed potatoes and a couple of beers too, please! Thanks. And yes, she may plan to crash on her own bed alone soon after, as well. Thanks for dinner, babe.

10. Need you during difficult times.

It’s not too romantic to be needy, but it happens (for both partners, might I add). She will cry. She will get angry. She will yell. She will be dramatic. She will get wasted and need you to pull her hair back. She will not talk to you or tell you everything is fine when it’s not. Yes, it’s unromantic, but if you help her through her times of need then she just may just help you through yours. And believe me, you want her by your side during your times of need.