10 Valuable Lessons You Learn After You Leave The Wrong Career


1. The value of your time.

Your time is more valuable than spending hours of your day in misery and frustration. At first you think it’s just 8 hours a day that you can easily survive but over time it starts draining you and affecting other areas in your life. How you spend most of your time shapes how you spend most of your life.

2. Your self-worth.

When you’re in the wrong career, you might feel like you’re never going to be successful or you will never get promoted. The truth is you’re probably surrounded by people who are in the right career for them and comparing yourself to them will always make you feel inferior. Stepping out of the wrong career will make you appreciate yourself again when you realize the world sees you in a different light than how your managers or coworkers saw you.

3. How to listen to your intuition.

If you ‘feel’ like you’re not in the right career or that you’re better off doing something else, don’t ignore this feeling. It’s your heart leading you towards finding your calling.

4. How to trust yourself.

No one will ever encourage you to quit your job and pursue your passion. No one will tell you to leave the comfort and safety of your paycheck for the uncertainty of unemployment. But at some point you’re going to have to trust yourself and do what is right for you. Following your passion is a risk — but it’s also a risk worth taking.

5. How determined you really are.

When you truly want to make something happen, you’re going to find a way to make it happen. You will realize that you are much more determined and driven than you thought and that you are capable of slowly making your dreams come true.

6. You look beyond the ‘labels.’

You learn that you’re not defined by what you do or the level of your success. Some people are successful but miserable. You learn that what makes people unique is who they are and how they live their lives in a way that represents them not in a way that society approves of.

7. You build better relationships.

The wrong career affects your relationships. When you’re stuck in the wrong career, you can let your negativity out on the people around you, and when you’re unhappy, you unintentionally pass on that energy which can push them away. But once you leave the wrong career, your energy changes and you start looking at the bright side of life again which will improve your relationships with others.

8. You give up any self-destructive behavior.

The wrong career makes you indulge in things excessively to feel better about your life; drinking too much, going out all the time, or hanging out with all the wrong people who also hate their jobs. These things won’t matter once you leave the wrong career because you will invest your time doing more productive things or working hard to pursue the things you’re passionate about.

9. You learn that living a passionate life comes with a price.

It will require a lot of hard work, persistence, sleepless nights and unwavering faith in yourself before anyone else. You will be tested the whole time and you’ll learn how to develop thick thin to pass each test.

10. You learn the true meaning of happiness.

You learn that happiness comes from the things that move your heart or the things you do that help people — not the temporary happiness the material things could bring. Even if you haven’t reached your dreams yet, just knowing that you’re on your way enhances your life and makes you a happier person.