10 Ways Anxiety Has Affected My Life


Do you ever worry so much that you cannot sleep at night? Do you feel that people are always judging you? Anxiety is an illness that many people suffer from on a daily basis and the dark places that it can leave you in are scary. These are the reasons it has affected my life.

1. Before going to a party or huge event I become nervous, I say to myself, “Will everyone like me, do they like me?”

2. The thoughts of paranoia keep me up at night and I find myself tossing and turning till I am so tired that I eventually fall asleep.

3. I constantly worry if others like me or if they are judging me, it is almost like I am obsessed with that frame of thinking.

4. “I’m sorry.” Why do I always have to say I am sorry? Even for something I did not do or have any control over. I always feel the need to express my sympathies because God forbid that person does not like me anymore. How crazy is that?

5. OMG someone did not like my Instagram post! Really? Who cares, but I do… somehow my mind goes to that low point that if someone does not like my social media post that they no longer like me anymore.

6. Shit, they haven’t texted me back yet, but it has been a few hours! Hmm… I guess they do not want to answer me. “Did I ever think maybe they were busy?” No, of course not, because it would be too easy to think that way.

7. I can never say no because I do not want to make anyone mad or upset. But, what about my life? My feelings?

8. I have always allowed others to walk all over me, it is wrong, but I still allow it.

9. I am always worried about when I am going to get my career and when I am going to be financially stable instead of trying to take each day one step at a time.

10. I always worry so much about other people in my life that I forget who I am as a person and I lose out on taking care of myself.

Living each day with anxiety is painful and frustrating. As much as my loved ones tell me there is no need to worry about that, I still do anyway. It is a struggle each and every day; I encourage those who do find themselves with anxiety to please get help. It is not something that can be taken lightly.