10 Ways Apartment Hunting And Dating Are Basically The Same Thing


1. Initially, you’ll have your “checklist.” Those features that you think you must have. Throughout the grueling process, however, that list will inevitably become whittled down, and you see the distinction between the things you want and the things you need.

2. The process of getting an apartment will expose all, so do everyone a favor and just be honest from the get go.  If you have bad credit- be upfront with it. If you know you really can’t afford something, don’t pretend that you can. No matter how much you try to fool yourself or others- The truth always comes out. 

3. Brokers are nothing more than those sleazy guys you meet at 2am that will say anything to get into your pants. Dont be fooled–They’re only interested in one thing.

4. Shop Around. See as many places as you can.  Pound that pavement until you put gaping holes in your ballet flats. And when you’re so over it and you think you can’t possibly see one more- just suck it up and see it. You never know if that may be the one. And if it isn’t, at least you figure out what you dont want.

5. Don’t seriously start looking unless you’re ready to sign a lease.

6. Feel free to ask your friends for advice, but be prepared that everyone will have their own hard opinions based solely on their own experience–Listen to their input, but remember In the end only you know what’s right for you. Trust yourself.

7. Leaving your current apartment for something better often results in an uncomfortable talk with your landlord. They may be upset and try to convince you to stay. Be strong and remember that you have no allegiance to anyone but yourself. 

8. Sometimes if you let an opportunity slip out of your hands because you were too wishy washy or scared, you may never forgive yourself.

9. We always start with a perfect picture in our mind, but eventually we realize that perfection doesn’t exist and we simply cannot have it all. There’s always a caveat somewhere– A gorgeous view may mean a fourth floor walk up. A luxury apartment often lacks character and charm. But with the right one, those quirks will be nothing but endearing.

10. Have faith and never settle. Because one day after you feel like all hope is lost, you’ll walk in, flip on the lights, and you just know. The butterflies come and and you almost start to cry because you know this was the one you were waiting for all along. You’re home.