10 Ways Improv Comedy Gives You The Best Mindset For Life


Improvisation comedy will teach you to improv life. Life is rough sometimes (all the time) with these walls and barriers and judgments we’ve set for ourselves. The improvisation mindset will strip away it all. The lessons are simple – so utterly simple, that they’re deceptive and the most difficult to achieve. It teaches us to unlearn all we’ve learned and adopt a new mind/shift.

Improv Comedy as part of Life:

1. Listen: I mean, really listen.

Active listening. To the person who is talking. Don’t be in your head about what you should say next, because then you’re going to miss something really important.

2. Agree, and Add something.

Contribute. Lay on another brick to the foundation you’re all building together. Everyone is part of the moment, and everyone contributes in a positive manner.

3. Know that it’s there…and then it’s gone.

This moment has never happened before, and it’ll never happen again – and so the moment is truly unique and special.

4. And thus, Be present.

Knowing that the moment is singular, it forces you to quiet everything else in your mind and be present. Vigilant. Focused. There’s no time to analyze or over-analyze. There’s just time to be.

5. No judgment.

Anything goes, anything can happen. The crazier it is, the more you push forward. Life is crazy, and when you place judgment on yourself or others, you build walls. Break them down and be in awe of what can happen.

6. Support each other.

There’s no individual; it is about the group. When the group succeeds, you succeed. Take away the ego, and together build something awesome.

7. Follow the fear.

It seems like the simplest thing in the world, but the scariest and most difficult at all once. You just have to gulp and jump right in.

8. Be yourself.

Somehow, in this space, it’s the safest place to be. No judgment and all support. All you have to do is bring yourself – not scripted characters nor not rehearsed lines. No falsities here.

9. Simplify & seek truth.

At the end, it’s all about the relationship you’ve built with your (scene) partner. Human connection is the foundation of it all.

10. Improvisation cultivates the growth mindset.

Improvisation lets you turn each move in a robust move. Improvisation takes you to new adventures.

Adopt the mindset and experience its rewards.