10 Ways Old Souls Interact Differently With The World


1. They move slowly. Not in the sense that they’re lazy, or unintelligent, but just that they want to make sure they take in as much as possible about every single thing they experience.

2. They ask a lot of questions. So many that you could have dinner with them and realize later that you unintentionally spent the entire time talking about yourself, simply because they were so consistently inquisitive.

3. They date differently. It’s not that they’re opposed to Tinder and other dating apps, or that they don’t try to meet people in bars or clubs. They still do those things – they’re just very focused on searching for relationships that are long-term and very personal, rather than short-lived flings or infatuations.

4. They also can’t separate sexual attraction from emotional connection – for them, it’s pretty difficult to have one without the other. Or at least, they don’t really care to act on their physical impulses unless they also feel some deep connection underneath.

5. They are much more comfortable with hashing things out and saying what they mean than with sweeping things under the rug or trying to suppress their feelings.

6. They tend to struggle with being indecisive. Because it’s never just ‘an easy decision.’ For them, it’s overthinking a million different factors and a million different possible turnouts.

7. They don’t necessarily love ‘old’ things just because they’re an ‘old soul.’ Sometimes the term can evoke images of 1950’s film screenings at the local cinema or an antique record player they found at a flea market. But ‘old souls’ are also often just people who process their emotions a little differently or have interests that sometimes vary from what is expected of them.

8. They feel really uncomfortable during dinners or social events where everyone they are spending time with is on the phone. They take it very personally, rather than thinking of it as a more objective ‘this is the way the world works now’ stance

9. They read constantly. Interesting digital articles are nice, but for them, nothing is better than cracking open a brand new, actual book.

10. They move steadily in everything that they do. Love, career decisions, passions. They’re not passive people by any means, but they like to take their time and truly think about what they’re doing.