10 Ways To Be A Helpful Partner That Guarantee A Lasting Relationship


Relationships are tricky, but they are even trickier when you don’t know what you bring to the table. How can we ask others to love us, even like us, if we don’t know what we like about ourselves?

Sometimes, our strength is in a hobby, like an obsession with cars that translates to saving your partner on basic maintenance costs.

Sometimes, our strength is in our job, like using nursing skills to tell your partner not to panic when they have a flesh wound from accidentally cutting their finger.

And sometimes what we bring to the table is our emotional strengths, like the emotional stability that keeps a relationship smooth sailing.

Not sure what you bring to the table? Here are some ideas to get you brainstorming.

1. The Fixer

There are lots of chores to do around the house, but some require a certain technical expertise. You save your lover time and money by fixing clogged drains, refinishing tables and changing lightbulbs- and you look good doing it.

2. The Cook

A healthy relationship starts with a healthy diet. Or, make your lover fat and happy. Either way, cook your way to your lover’s heart.

3. The Gardener

Bring some Zen to your relationship with the peaceful art of gardening. Not only can you spice up your yard, but you can spice up your meals with fresh tomatoes and spinach.

4. The Hard Worker

You’re going to work until you die, but at least your partner knows they can always rely on you to bring home the bacon.

5. The Manager

Someone needs to make business decisions in the relationship. Budgets, investments and bills are not going to manage themselves. If you are particularly business savvy, perhaps working with your partner to buy a home or start a business is in your future.

6. The Planner

What are you guys eating for dinner tonight? Who are you meeting up with this weekend? Do you have costumes ready for the office Halloween party? No worries, you’re all over it with your handy, dandy to-do list.

7. The Host

Your place is ready to throw another dynamite party for you and your partner’s friends. The home-made buffet spread is prepared, alcohol is cleverly hidden in cakes and Jello shots and conversational cards are set at the table.

8. The Adventurer

Couples who play together, stay together. You keep the flame in your relationship burning hot by bringing your partner on your adrenaline packed adventures (surfing, rock climbing, white water rafting… anything to get your hearts pumping).

9. The Joker

Live a long and happy life with your partner by making them laugh daily. How do you know your relationship is one that will last? Because you’re both giggling in tandem about the same joke you’ve told 50 times.

10. The Tech

Someone has to fix the printer and connect the router and wire those speakers, and you’re just the one to do it. No moving to the woods for you and your lover, you have your house wired for luxury with all the latest gadgets.