10 Ways To Maximize The Beauty Of Life’s Brevity


Life is made to make us stronger. There are many times that we fail, fall, and suffer. But there are many times that we soar, conquer, and feel joyful. No one knows how long our life span is except for whatever divine plan the universe has set out for our time here. We can’t control its duration, but we can certainly make choices to embrace and live to its fullest. Life’s lessons come in many different forms whether it be through people or situations that enter our lives. Once the lesson is learned or its purpose has been served, it dissolves and becomes a strength within our being. But if not comprehended, the lesson returns in various incarnations—sometimes without resolve and self-awareness. However, the beauty of life is that we have many chances to do-over, start fresh, work through, and decide to let go of ourselves or someone else in order to obtain personal freedom. Nothing is fixed and everything is in movement. Things change as slowly or as quickly as we allow them. We truly determine our everyday state of being through mental, visual, and spiritual beliefs and perceptions. Although undeniably there are many obstacles and circumstances that are out of our control, what we can control is how we respond and react to them in a way that gives us comfort and clarity as opposed to fear and desperation. The details of the past and future are neither here nor there. The present is where we are currently living…the here and now of today; this moment. Why shouldn’t we make it ours?

1.) Surrounded by the love of family, friends, and those who care for us deeply with good intention are the people who are and will be our greatest champions and support systems through times of happiness and sadness. With balance, we can provide them the same affection, attention, and presence when they are in need as well. Relationships of any sort that are beneficial rather than unpleasant create for expansiveness and sharing within the human connection.

2.) Finding at least one interest, activity, or hobby to nurture mental and physical stimulation in a way that provides self-commitment, determination, and an outlet within the everyday grind allows for self-discovery by choice.

3.) When choosing a field of study/career, the usual advice is to choose something that brings satisfaction and enthusiasm because in reality a huge part of waking hours is devoted within the workforce. However, there is a caveat to this: although it may not be the ideal field and perhaps at times there is even an element of second guessing, as long as its approached with integrity, that’s what makes it more meaningful rather finding passion. The key is moderation and stability in whatever personal context it is interpreted.

4.) “Stiamo bene insieme” translates from Italian to English as “to be well together” is one of the most beautiful expressions. In terms of a romantic couple, it states that both people feel good in each other’s presence. This means that their state of well being is reciprocated through love, care, and protection with balance. When choosing a life partner, creating a relationship, or dating, this is the most simple yet impacting evaluation.

5.) Sleep more, nourish with good quality food, drink water regularly, limit excessive consumption of any sort, and gently care for the body—as it mustn’t be taken for granted. Without physical and mental health, the quality of life diminishes rapidly.

6.) Love more and hate less. Be open to new possibilities and be closed to harmful, toxic situations/people. Trust wholeheartedly that there is a bigger plan at work for the greater good, let go of the fear and need to control everyone and everything. Let things come naturally on their own time frame and accord, don’t force something or something that won’t budge.

7.) Travel locally, nationally, or abroad—there are so many wonderful people, places, and things to explore within our own backyard and from across our respective oceans. We learn others—the modes of living and being and we can teach them as well based upon our life experiences. It’s one of the most humbling and sincere exchanges.

8.) Value the joy and wonderment of little ones that bring a great source of energy and excitement into the world, honor the advice of people who have life experience to share, and respect the suffering yet successes of the older generations for they have already been there and done that. Each season of life provides opportunity for new discovery and growth.

9.) Self love with the passing of each day only allows for love given and received within the presence and intimacy with others.

10.) Take risks that will allow for curiosity, enrichment, and opportunities. Believe in the impossible and let it be possible. Allow life to present surprises that have never been imagined. Love without fear—because fear is an illusion and love can never be broken—it just gets clouded and distorted by our minds; yet it simply doesn’t have to be.